Upgrade Your Items in Patch 5.1

Wowhead's Perculia looks at your character's latest path to greatness!

Blizzard is right around the corner from releasing World of Warcraft content patch 5.1 and, as usual, Wowhead has the goods. This time, Perculia gives a rundown on the all-new item upgrade system coming with 5.1.

In case you haven't heard, our Ethereal friends are back with a new service that will allow players to upgrade their existing gear using in-game currency. You can use currency in all of it's forms - Valor, Conquest, Justice and Honor Points - depending on the type and level of gear you wish to upgrade. 

While the upgrades aren't necessarily equivalent to obtaining an entirely new piece of gear, it certainly is a less expensive and more immediate route to take. Also, this is a welcome addition for players who seem to have a never-ending stockpile of these points just piling up with nothing to do with them. Well, short of waiting for the next expansion to convert them to gold of course!

The article also highlights World of Warcraft's 8th anniversary with a special video Blizzard has put together, as well as detailed results of the Battle.net World Championship held last weekend in Shanghai.

Port on over and pay our friends at Wowhead a visit for all of the details of Patch 5.1!

Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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