LoL Season 2 World Playoffs Brings Record Viewers

The games were pretty amazing too.

The Season 2 World Championship for League of Legends went through its first round of playoffs yesterday, with teams from all around the world duking it out to qualify for the semifinals. And only in the first game of Azubu versus iG, the total of both Own3d and easily broke 500k concurrent viewers.

That's factoring only the English stream in - there are alternate streams from Riot that broadcast in Russian, German, Portuguese, and Spanish that did not go accounted. 

Incidentally, the games have been amazing, with constant changes of lanes and meta and sweeping victories from Azubu Frost, CLG Europe, and NaJin Sword. There's two more days of game ahead, and the World Finals this coming Saturday.

You can keep up with all the action on the new LolStage at Lolking.

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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