MvP (MLG vs Proleague) Day Three

A round up of all the Starcraft II action from the third day of competition

Series IV - Huk P vs CrazyHydra Z

Game  I
Huk is one of MLG’s best hopes, after winning two different MLG titles, and now he faces the Proleague zerg CrazyHydra on Daybreak.

A nexus first from Huk and a fourteen pool into a fast third base from CrazyHydra shows that no early game shenanigans are going down as both take the usual metagame route.
Huk goes for some fast four warp gate pressure off two bases that hits at eight minutes.
With a probe that manages to get a pylon right by CrazyHydra’s third base he is able to warp in a few round of zealots and stalkers and hits the third.
He forces a bunch of roaches and manages to kill the hatchery at the third while killing a bunch of roaches with some great placed force fields.
Huk over-extends slightly and loses the majority of his army but as he was very cost efficient with the push it wasn’t too devastating.
With CrazyHydra down on on economical side of things he moves very fast up his tech tree, taking the infestation pit before he rebuilds his third and gets a great spire by eighteen minutes.
Huk stays active around the map when his immortal tech is overwhelming enough that he takes the map control from CrazyHydra and forces a cancel on his fourth base. Then repeats a few minutes later by taking down both the fourth and fifth of the zerg with some lone zealots that do a great job and free up some supply for higher tech units.
Huk attempts a twenty two minute push towards the front of CrazyHydra’s base that manages to take down all of the brood lords and the majority of the infestors, but he reaches too far and the reinforcements from the zerg arrive too soon for Huk and, as his units trickle in, he loses everything.
Both players send small groups of low cost units to try and deny expansion but both defences are watertight and cause no damage.
Huk finds an opening with his warp prism at twenty five minutes and is able to warp in a round of zealots and take down the greater spire.
CrazyHydra then remains on top of all Huk’s warp prism attacks with well placed infestors and spore crawlers, the infestor neural the warp prism and then guide it above a spore crawler to take it down the the most efficient way.
An amazingly planed attack from CrazyHydra at thirty one minutes ses him drop five overlords of zerglings and roughly eight infestors into Huks main base, dropping countless infested terrans and with a nydas to escape, trading only energy and useless supply of Zerglings for the entire main bases infrastructure.
A massive engagement occurs at thirty five minutes as CrazyHydra kills Huk’s mothership that forces Huk into a massive counterattack which is able to take down every brood lord.
With Huk’s high tech units down he pulls back for a massive archon warp in and just brute forces his way to take the game.


Game II
An extremely long game one moves into the fan favourite map of Antiga Shipyard as both players fight it out for the final map of the series.

Huk wastes no time this game and goes for a slightly later seven gate with +1 attack.
With some well placed pylons, Huk is able to reinforce just outside of CrazyHydra's base, but a great reaction with the zerg makes Huk think twice and returns to probe production and a robotics facility.
With Huk forcing such a large army production from CrazyHydra he is low on the drone count and applies the pressure to Huk’s third.
A great defence from Huk holds off the attack with no damage and gets his colossus tech to completely close down the pressure.
CrazyHydra once again gets very fast tech attaining his greater spire by seventeen minutes.
Huk move at the zergs fourth base to deny some gas mining while taking out a big clump of roaches.
At twenty one minutes, Huk attempts a two pronged attack on one of the zerg's mining bases with sentries and a warp prism, while his main army attack the mining base at the watch tower. But CrazyHydra’s defence is great, losing only a few drones.
The zerg then moves forward to take down Huk's fourth and very key mining base as his main and natural are all but mined out.
With Huk barely mining he is unable to replenish his army as fast as he would like.
He engages on the watch tower at twenty five minutes but some great fungals and a high ling count closes down Huk’s stalker count.
With no answer to the advancing brood lords, Huk GGs



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