Mass Effect Trilogy Detailed

PC gets a little more this time.

Mass Effect, the sci-fi action RPG from Bioware, is getting a packed-in Trilogy edition November 6th, and the details have been released. PC copies of Mass Effect Trilogy will contain a selection of DLC, including ME1's Bring Down The Sky and Pinnacle Station, ME2's Cerberus Network and Zaheed, and ME3's online pass and extended cut ending.

Unfortunately, that means that many of the best DLC - such as the incredible Lair of the Shadow Broker, Overlord, Kasumi, and Leviathan - are still paid-only. But if you never got to play Mass Effect? This is a good opportunity. 

Also, I highly, highly recommend Lair and Kasumi for Mass Effect 2 if you haven't already.

Julian "Mirai" Williams

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