Recent League of Legends Champions Analyzed


Every time someone comes out for League of Legends, you wonder - are they overpowered? Are they underpowered? Darius' release was probably the best for this, as they did only a few small tweaks, and people found out he's not overpowered all on their own. And now, thanks to Stolas at Lolking, we have stats to analyse on Syndra, Rengar, Kha'Zix, and Diana.

The results are kind of surprising - Syndra's buffs have brought her up, but her win rate has only hit below 40%. Rengar has been smoothed out a bit with his recent nerfs, and he's back down to an even 53%. Diana has cruised at an even 50%. And Kha'Zix, despite being the brand new guy, has almost entirely plateaued at 40%. 

Now, the question is, will Riot do anything about it? Or will Kha and Syndra just hang until Season 3's promised big changes take effect? 

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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