MvP (MLG vs Proleague) Day One

A round up of all the Starcraft II action from the first day of battle

In this amazing MLG vs Proleague invitational. the top 24 Proleague players will be facing off against 24 of the StarCraft II scene’s veterans. In this six week marathon, players will compete for the $10,000 top prize and the eight all-expenses paid trips to the Fall Championship.

The first day has featured some of the greatest StarCraft: Brood War Pros to date, facing off against some of the most well known pros the StarCraft II veterans have to offer:


Evil GeniusesHuk fought SK Telecom’s three time MSL Champion Bisu.

Naniwa of Mionix battled the legendary Team8.Jaedong  

Idra, of team EG, stood up to SKStork, a former OSL champion.

Woonjin’s Soulkey threw it all at EG’s Pma.

SKRain took his might to Quantic Illusion.

Team Liquid’s Sheth proudly fought the powerhouse KTFlash.


VODs can be found at


Caltu's Match Of The Day 

I picked this game between Naniwa and Jaedong for the fact it highlights the mainstay of professional level play. Even though it seems Jaedong is winning some great fights to begin with, as he deflects the Stargate -- the initial attack -- and was getting great fungals onto Naniwa’s Archons; Naniwa was always dictating the game. With his constant denial of the fourth base, his soft contain at the watch tower and his SimCity defence at his expansions there was no room for Jaedong to breath as Naniwa starved him out in a very impressive showing.

Series II Naniwa P versus Jaedong Z

Game I

Naniwa takes on Jaedong on the Protoss favored field of Entombed Valley in the first map of their series.

Naniwa opened with a less than conventional stargate opening on Entombed that he tried to hide behind his mineral line, but a scouting overlord from Jaedong spots it in time and has spores ready and waiting. 

Naniwa takes map control killing many roaches forcing Jaedong into hive tech.

The sixteen minute mark sees Naniwa move towards Jaedong’s fourth with a two colossus and stalker army timing.

Jaedong takes the opportunity to deny the fourth of Naniwa with a zergling run-by, but from here on in its Naniwa forcing Jaedong to be starved for bases.

Naniwa keeps abusing the Zerg's immobility with warp prism zealot harass forcing Jaedong to never establish a fifth base and take down key tech structures such as both spires.

Whilst taking the fight to Jaedong’s base, Naniwa forces engagement with the main army killing as many brood lords as possible and due to the lack of gas income for Jaedong he isn’t able to keep up with the Protoss’ production forcing him to GG.

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