Theramore's Fall Scenario Unveiled

Spoilers abound!

There's lots of spoilers for the new Theramore scenario in World of Warcraft, so abandon hope, ye all who enter here!

Anyone level 85 who wants to get in to WoW's new scenario, Theramore's Fall, had better jump fast, because the window is only between Sept 17th to 24th for level 85 players. But if you just need to know more about it, Wowhead has you covered, with a full breakdown of the scenario, screenshots, loot, video walkthroughs, and - probably the best part - an exclusive interview with Christie Golden, writer of Tides of Warthe novel that fills in Jaina Proudmoore's time up until now. Again, spoilers abound, as the interview covers not just Tides of War but also much of Theramore's Fall. 

Julian "Mirai" Williams


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