Monopoly unites with World of Warcraft

The legendary board game Monopoly is teaming up with the world's largest MMORPG! Blizzard Entertainment has announced it will partner with the company behind this real estate focused game to create a World of Warcraft themed Monopoly, available in May for $39.95.

Like most Monopoly themed hybrids, the game will put signature locations up for sale for you to buy, and to later fight with your friends over. Places will include Twilight Highlands and Swamp of Sorrows, but the real question is: what will Boardwalk be? Dalaran? As for game pieces, Blizzard is allowing fans to decide which tokens will make the final cut by voting on Facebook. But with choices like Murky, Corehound Pup, Doomhammer, and the Hearthstone, it seems like there's no losing in this poll.

As a final note, World of Warcraft isn't the only game getting the board game treatment. The real-time strategy game StarCraft is making its way to one of the most infamous strategy board games, RISK, this summer.


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Mass Effect monopoly
# Feb 15 2012 at 10:26 PM Rating: Good
3,440 posts
I saw a picture of a fan-made Mass Effect monopoly.

Now -that- I would buy in a heartbeat. It was very well-done, all of the cards, etc, had Mass Effect themes to it, all of the pictures, the board itself, everything.


That Car and 'Free Parking' doesn't really fit in with WoW. They should have made that car a pic of either a mechano-hog, a chopper, or maybe the goblin car (not the trike).

And the "Monopoly Guy" should look the Trade Prince.
# Feb 14 2012 at 11:23 PM Rating: Good
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Wonderful alibi function for steretotypical, antisocial gaming types. Put this on your shelf, and people might actually believe that you not only have friends, but also time to play board games with them.
# Feb 14 2012 at 10:09 PM Rating: Good
Equal Opportunity Hater
19,369 posts
***** that! Give the rights back to Fantasy Flight.
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