No BlizzCon for 2012!

Tears are running high.

Some startling news out of the mouth of Blizzard Entertainment, as they've just recently announced that in light of their "jam-packed" schedule, they've decided to hold the next BlizzCon in 2013. This has obviously set the rumour mills a-churning as to what this really means, but common concensus is that without any major announcements to make (no Titan?), Blizzard has simply decided to focus on delivering their products (Diablo III, Mists of Pandaria, and Heart of the Swarm) as fast as possible.

Blizzard is not, however, going to kill one of its biggest Blizzard eSports tournament venues, which usually takes place at BlizzCon and, as such, they've announced the 2012 World Championship that will take place in Asia "toward the end of 2012." For now, let's have a moment of silence for those BlizzCon memories that would have been.


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Not a smooth move.
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Not really sure this was a good idea without a good reason offered to its customers. At least for WoW players (which make up most of Blizzard's customers), there is a huge feeling of tension and doubt over shrinking subscribers and the direction of the game and the next expansion.

That's not to say any of those doubts are for anything truly to worry about, but this can only fuel the fire and really adds to the rumors and uneasiness...not a smooth move.
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Well, Blizzard are probably the biggest name in Gaming at the moment, they are grandmaster craftsmen at creating Epic content, and I'm sure we'll still get our fill this year, even without Blizzcon.

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Well.. first they get ride of WWI, now is BlizzCon... who know tomorrow?
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No Blizzcon
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Can only mean one of two things really:

They're way behind schedule and won't make a typical fall/winter release date for their stuff if they "waste" time on Blizzcon.


They actually intend to release the titles BEFORE October, with that having no more reason for thier big marketing show.

Conference call in about 2 weeks. Guess we'll find out.
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next be in 2013 :D
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