Blizzard Offers 7 Free Days to Expired Accounts

Return to Azeroth just in time for Cataclysm!

According to our friends over at Wowhead, Blizzard has been sending out e-mails to the owners of of canceled or expired WoW accounts to offer them seven free days of game time! If you've considered coming back to the game for the launch of Cataclysm, now would be a great time to go check the e-mail address tied to your account before the offer ends on Dec. 1. Wowhead's Miyari offers this important security advise:

"If you're planning on taking advantage of this offer, be sure that you check the sender and content of the email so you are not taken advantage of yourself! This email is confirmed to be sent from with the subject "Name - Return to Azeroth with 7 Days of Game Time." The link provided in the email will take you to this URL - DO NOT enter your details anywhere other than a confirmed World of Warcraft / URL!"

The offer is currently available for EU accounts as well. Will you be returning to Azeroth?


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