Impressions From "Operation: Gnomeregan"

Our sister site,, recently published its first impressions of the upcoming "Operation: Gnomeregan" live-event

Last month we featured a mini-report about the ongoing status of "Operation: Gnomeregan," the World of Warcraft live event that will ultimately culminate in Cataclysm's launch. Just as "Operation: Gnomeregan" will see the Gnomes battle to reclaim their hijacked city of Gnomeregan for the Alliance, the event also parallels the Horde's "Zalazane's Fall," in which the Darkspear Trolls (led by Vol'jin) will try to reclaim Echo Isles for the tribe. Both live events will run simultaneously for each faction, growing in activity as Cataclysm draws closer to launch.

Since both events are now live on the Public Test Realm, the team recently updated its ongoing coverage, posting "Impressions from Operation: Gnomeregan" on its blog yesterday. If you don't mind a few spoilers that are already "in-the-wild" via the PTR, Wowhead offers some great, comprehensive information about the pre-launch events and more. New quest details have been uncovered, along with a bunch of awesome screenshots depicting the quest and story arcs. In addition, you can check out Wowhead's original post from May 27, announcing both live events on the PTR, along with some spoilers about the lore behind Troll Druids. Finally, to learn about all the Cataclysm pre-event details the Wowhead team has discovered so far, visit the "Pre-Launch Events" section of its in-depth Cataclysm Guide.


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