ZAM Arrives in Anaheim for BlizzCon 2009

BlizzCon kicks off tomorrow, but members of the ZAM team are already in Anaheim preparing for the big event, and there's a few different ways to follow our coverage. First and foremost, we have a BlizzCon section set up for all our news from the convention. That's really the main thing to check throughout the weekend and beyond for BlizzCon articles. You can even find a banner link to it between the GamesCom and PAX buttons on the front page.

In addition, you can follow Togikagi and Fewyn on Twitter for constant updates from the floor. All of our tweets will be added to our WoWCM feed as well. If you're not a Twitter fan, you can read all of our updates in real time on our WoW front page. Just scroll down and you'll see it on the right near the bottom.

Speaking of news, the BlizzCon schedule is now available. What do you want to see covered? Is there a panel or event that really sticks out for you? Do you have specific questions for Q&A opportunities? Let us know. Also, are there any other ZAM users out there attending the convention? You can discuss our BlizzCon coverage in this thread in our general forum, or in our #WoW room on IRC. If you're not sure how to connect to IRC, here's the instructions.


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