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For information about having items enchanted, see Enchants.

Enchanting (Primary Profession)
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Enchanting is a profession focused on the magical enhancement of existing items.

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What Enchanting Creates

Most of what enchanting produces isn't actually created. Rather, it's a modification of a current item, giving it an additional +2 stamina or +5 intellect or something similiar. There are a few weapon oils that can be put on caster weapons for bonuses similiar to sharpening stones for melee, but this takes a very distant second to the enhancement of gear.

List of Enchanting recipes

What Enchanting Requires

The other thing enchanting creates is a use for unwanted items. An Enchanter can Disenchant an item, breaking it down into it's basic magical components, which can then be used to Enchant a different item! If you've ever received a random green (WoW) or a boss drop that nobody in the group can use, it's time to ask if there is an enchanter in the house.

All enchanting supplies come from dismantling other magical items. This process is called disenchanting and destroys the item in the process. However, sometimes this is the best use for an item. (The flavor quote for the card game adaptation of Shadowstrike implies its most useful quality is that it disenchants to a nexus crystal.)

Is Enchanting For Me?

Enchanters are often very popular people. A blacksmith or leatherworker has to make gear that competes with dungeon drops and quest rewards. An enchanter improves upon ANY item.[1] And because the materials come from taking apart unwanted items with a quality of green or higher, it doesn't cater to any particular class. You could easily be a mage or a warrior, and do enchanting.

Note that there is also no associated profession, so you are free to pick up a random second skill. However, a popular combination is Enchanting used alongside Tailoring. By using the cloth dropped by humanoid or undead mobs and turning this cloth into green-quality items, the player can then disenchant what they create and use the materials to level their enchanting. As tailoring is the only profession capable of making cheap greens without materials provided by another profession (i.e., skinning being used by leatherworkers), it is commonly considered the most feasible accompanying profession for enchanting. Alternatively, using a gatherer profession such as mining to make money, and then spending this money on cheap greens from the Auction House, is also very feasible.

In terms of making money, enchanting is one of the worst, and it is also quite possibly the best. Enchanting materials tend to sell for large sums of gold on every server, and disenchanting is extremely profitable -- if you can find a source of items to disenchant. Every item you disenchant is an item you could have sold, so often enchanters will run lower-level instances by themselves to rack in greens to disenchant rather than just dismantling the items they find normally. People who dedicate themselves to enchanting do not always reap the same benefits, although some with rare recipes do quite well.

The only benefits for being your own enchanter, other than being able to disenchant your own soulbound gear, is a few enchantments that can be bestowed upon rings. While enchantment is very powerful, it is limited to certain equipment slots and each slot can only have certain things performed to it. The enchanter has just a slightly wider spectrum of choices for themselves. In The Burning Crusade, enchanters may perform 4 enchants to their own personal rings; +4 to all stats, +2 damage to all physical attacks, +20 Healing and +12 Spell Damage. In order to enchant a ring, the ring must be in the enchanter's possession (meaning you cannot place a ring in a trade window and have it enchanted) and if the ring is not already soulbound to the enchanter, enchanting it will. Ring enchants require either 360 or 375 Enchanting to perform and all are acquired via reputation vendors. The recipe for +2 damage ring enchant requires Revered reputation with the Consortium, but the vendor for the recipe resides within Karazhan, just outside the Gamesman's Hall (better known as the Chess Event room). The other three recipes may be found on Lower City, The Sha'tar and Keepers of Time quartermasters.

Disenchanting for Gold

Finding a source of items for disenchanting isn't very hard. The Auction house is loaded with cheap disenchantable uncommon and rare items.

One of the better tools to use if you want to do massive amounts of disenchanting is Auctioneer. It has a tool named Enchantrix that can be set up to locate those cheap disenchantables of which you can request a list of. You can set the criteria based on the percentage of profit you want and can also set a minimum amount of profit.


There is no specialization for enchanting.


Proficiency Horde Alliance
Apprentice - 1 to 75
- 76 to 150
Expert - 151 to 225
Artisan - 226 to 300
Master - 301 to 375
Grand Master
- 350 to 450

Enchanting Quests

There are no known quests that are specifically for enchanters.

  1. ^ In certain slots.

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