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Making Gold by Disenchanting - A Guide

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Enchanting can be the most lucrative profession in World of Warcraft, as long as you treat it as a gathering profession. That means that you should never enchant items unless you are doing it in order to level the profession. When leveling, you should never try to sell enchants to others. Use your mats on your own items and you won't have to stand around in a main city attempting to get someone to buy one of your enchants.

You will make your gold by farming the Auction House in a major city. The reason behind this strategy for making gold is that there are many enchanters and people who want to have enchantments placed upon their equipment. The enchanters may purchase materials in order to level quickly, and the non-enchanters will be purchasing them in order to provide an enchanter with the materials needed for their enchantment.

Your character will be spending a lot of time traveling between the auction house and the mailbox. Choose a city where it is easy to do so. For Alliance the city should be The Exodar, City of Ironforge, or Stormwind City. For Horde, the city should be Silvermoon City, Orgrimmar, or Thunder Bluff.



Auctioneer Advanced

In order to use this guide, it is imperative that you use the Auctioneer Advanced Mod from


Download the latest (Preview) version of Auctioneer in zip format. If you are familiar with TAR and RAR, you may elect to download those versions instead. However the installation instructions here assume that you are using an unzip utility.


Unzip the downloaded program into C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons. If you have World of Warcraft installed elsewhere than the default location, adjust accordingly. Make certain that you maintain the original directory structure contained in the zip file.

You can verify correct installation by using Windows Explorer to look at the World of Warcraft folder.

Open "My Computer"
Click on "C:"
Click on "Program Files"
Click on "World of Warcraft"
Click on "Interface"
Click on "Addons"

You should see the following folders - If you do not, you failed to install properly.

  • Auc-Advanced
  • Auc-Filter-Basic
  • Auc-Scan-Data
  • Auc-Stat-Classic
  • Auc-Stat-Purchased
  • Auc-Stat-Simple
  • Auc-Stat-StdDev
  • BeanCounter
  • BtmScan
  • Enchantrix
  • Enchantrix-Barker
  • EnhToolTip
  • Informant
  • Stubby
  • !Swatter

Bag space

You should invest some of the gold you make into getting three 16-slot bags, along with the largest Enchanting bag you can afford. Your disenchantable items will go into your backpack and normal bags, and the enchanting mats you create will be placed into the Enchanting bag automatically.

As you get richer, buy at least 4 bank slots and put four 16-slot bags there. Those will contain your "adventuring bags". When you want to level your enchanter character, swap your enchanting bags with the ones that contain your adventuring supplies and you will be ready to go out of the city and into the cold, cruel world. Enchanting bags should remain as empty as possible. Adventuring bags will contain items like pet food, your hearthstone, potions, quest items, etc.

Bulk Mail

There are several Addons that give you the ability to grab a large number of items in your mailbox and put them into your bags. If you use CT_Mods, CT_Mailmod (part of the base package of add-ons) has that function. Another Addon that performs this task is Bulk2Mail from WowAce. This allows you to disenchant a large number of items instead of disenchanting one at a time.

Getting Started

Initial Setup

Load Always

Upon first entering your realm with your disenchanter toon after installation of Auctioneer Advanced, type in the following commands:

/Auc load always
/Enx load always

These two commands will ensure that both mods are loaded and working for you.

Bottom Scanner

Go to the auction house and open up the auction pane. You will see a number of new tabs along the bottom of the pane. At the far right is the one of interest, labeled "BtmScan". Click on it. This will produce a new pane. Now click on the red "Configure" button. This opens the configuration pane.

"Core Options"

  1. Check "Look for bargains wile browsing"
  2. Check "Enable automatic last page reload (Bottom Scanner)"
  3. Move the slider all the way to the right to change the reload timer to 60 seconds.
  4. Check "Top Scan as well as Bottom Scan"
  5. Now, go down to "Purchase Settings"
    • The "reserve amount" is the smallest amount of coin you want to keep on you. if you are just starting out and very poor, you might want to set it at 1 silver. As you become wealthier, you will want to adjust your reserve a bit higher than that.
    • The "maximum price" is the largest amount that you will want to purchase an item for. Even if you are poor, setting this to a high number will not hurt, since the game itself will never allow you to purchase anything with gold you do not have.
  • Under "Buy/Bid Preferences"
      • Check "Allow Buyout on Items"

    If you are just starting out (and poor), do not check "Allow Bid on Items" just yet. Wait until you make a bit of gold first and have extra cash lying around not working for you before you start bidding.

    If you want to hear bells, click on "Play sound when a bargain is found". Be warned that you can be dinged to distraction if a great number of items are found. If you are, then just go back to this menu, and uncheck the option.


    1. Go through all the evaluators and disable them, except for "Disenchanting". You do this by ensuring that the "Enable Purchasing..." option on each of them is unchecked.
    2. Click Disenchanting evaluator

    Disenchant General Settings

    1. Check "Enable purchasing for Disenchant" and "Allow buyout on Items". As before, you don't want to allow bidding until you have a cash reserve.

    Custom Skill and Profit Settings

    1. Check "Use Custom Levels". This is important! If you don't check this box, Bottom scanner will ignore levels and you can get items that you do not have the skill to disenchant.
    2. Set minimum skill to zero
    3. Set maximum skill to your current enchanting skill. If you are just starting out, set it to the minimum amount (25).

    Fees Adjustment

    1. Set "Faction Auction Fees"
    2. Check "Subtract Auction Fees from Projected Profit"

    Building the database

    Auctioneer uses a database to determine the prices that items need to be purchased and sold for. It's very important to build the database to get a good baseline for your disenchanting buys and your enchanting materials selling. You should scan the Auction House daily for at least a week before making your first buy. If you don't do this, some prices for materials may be too high and they won't sell or too low and you won't find disenchantables for some materials. Scan early, scan often. You can start a scan from the main Auction House panel by clicking the red "Scan" button.

    Purchasing and Disenchanting


    Go to the Auction House and enable bottom scanner by going to the bottom scanner pane (click on the "BtmScan" tab) and clickin on the yellow triangle. It should turn into a yellow square. This is the indicator that bottom scanner is working.

    Switch to the browse tab and start a full scan by pressing the red "scan" button.

    All items that are purchaseable for profit will display in a separate pane with the options to purchase ("yes") or reject ("no"). They will stop displaying when you reach your reserve limit. If you have bidding enabled, bids will display in a similar pane. However, bidding at early levels when you are starting out and your gold amount is low, is not conducive to making lots of gold. You should wait to enable bidding until you have a good cash reserve.


    After you have finished making your purchases, head for the nearest mailbox. That's where all your items will be. Right-click on the mailbox and download as much as you can handle, leaving a few slots free in order to hold the enchanting materials that you are about to create. At this point you should see the reason why a bulk mail handler is recommended.

    If you haven't already, place your disenchant icon into an action bar by dragging it from your spell book.

    Click on your disenchant icon, then click on the item to be disenchanted. The material will show up in an empty bag slot. Continue doing this until all items have been disenchanted. After you have disenchanted all the items in your bags, check the mailbox again to see if there was anything you missed. Keep on disenchanting until your mailbox is completely empty.

    Selling your materials

    Go back to the Auction House and click on the "Appraiser" tab. This Auctioneer option allows you to "bulk sell" your enchanting mats at current prices.


    Everyone will want to get their character's enchanting skill to a minimum of 300 (that's the skill level necessary to disenchant everything in the game). However you should remember one thing. Bag space is more important than gold, and gold is more important than enchanting skill level (up to a point). As you get gold, invest it in getting 16-slot bags for every bag slot on your character, as well as some bank space to store all your adventuring equipment.

    While you can disenchant at level 5, you are constrained in the items that you can disenchant. The following table displays the various disenchanting levels that you will need to disenchant various items. iLevel is the item level, which may be different than the level required to equip the item (required level). At character level 5, the highest enchanting skill that you can gain is 75. In order to get more skill, your enchanting character will have to go out into the cold, cruel world and level. Please note that you will be able to disenchant level 70 epic items with a character level of 35, as long as enchanting skill of 300 has been achieved.

    Player level Max Skill Can disenchant to ilevel can disenchant to required level
    5 1 20 15
    25 25 20
    50 30 25
    75 35 30
    10 100 40 35
    125 45 40
    150 50 45
    20 175 55 50
    200 60 55
    225 99
    (epics to 89)
    (epics to 60)
    35 250 (no change) (no change)
    275 120 70
    (epics to 60)
    300 151
    (includes epics)
    (includes epics)

    You can get to 60 skill in enchanting very easily. All you have to do is disenchant items. You don't need that copper rod just yet, because you won't be enchanting items at all. So, save your money until your enchanting reaches that level. Once you reach 60 skill points, however, enchanting skill is gained only by performing enchants on items. You will need the copper rod at that time. Thankfully, the main ingredient for a copper rod is easy to come by. You can get it at the enchanting supplier that is standing near to the enchanting trainer in any of the main cities.

    If you have reached level 10, you'll probably want to train your enchanting to Journeyman level at the same time you pick up the copper rod to create your runed copper rod. If you haven't reached level 10, it's time to go out adventuring a bit in order to do so. Training your enchanting to journeyman level will cap your skill at 150.

    Now, you are probably expecting this guide to provide you a list of mats and enchants to reach the next target level, but that's not what this guide is about. After you've purchased your bags and start making gold, you will come to a time when you have purchased all you can and still have about the same amount of gold left over. That's the proper time to beef up enchanting... and you'll do it with the materials you got from disenchanting. If you need to purchase anything from the auction house to perform an enchantment to level your skill, then you are doing it wrong, or possibly pushing too hard. If you can only do one or two leveling enchantments with the mats you have, then wait a bit until your gold is back up, disenchant a bit more and level one or two points per session. Patience will keep you rich, and power-leveling will make you poor.

    Additionally, do not try to sell your enchantments to strangers in order to level. Sure, let your guild and friends know that they are available, but if no one comes forward, enchant your own equipment. you can re-enchant your equipment any number of times. You will never lack a customer, and it will be relatively easy to level. The cost to you is only the mats that were in your bags, and probably not all of them. Usually you can sell what you don't use and still make a profit while you level your skill.

    Advanced techniques

    Parts of this page were originally written by Ohmikeghod.

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