Disenchant (WoW)  

Disenchanting is an ability granted by the Enchanting profession]. It is used to destroy magical items (items of green item quality or higher) and turn them into materials used by enchanters - dusts, essences and shards. It will yield skill in Enchanting until level 70, after which you must actually enchant items or create items through Enchanting.

Table of Disenchanting Results

Level ranges that share a type of dust will increase in yield approximately every 5 levels. For green armor, there is roughly a 75% chance of getting dust, a 20% chance of getting essence, and a 5% chance of a shard. For green weapons, it is reversed; essences come 75% of the time, dust comes 20% of the time, and shards are granted 5% of the time. Green items will only yield one shard at a time.

For Green Items
Equip Level Dust result Essence result Shard result Minimum level to DE
1-10 Strange Dust Lesser Magic Essence Small Glimmering Shard 1
11-15 Strange Dust Greater Magic Essence Small Glimmering Shard 1
16-20 Strange Dust Lesser Astral Essence Small Glimmering Shard 25
21-25 Soul Dust Greater Astral Essence Large Glimmering Shard 50
26-30 Soul Dust Lesser Mystic Essence Small Glowing Shard 75
31-35 Vision Dust Greater Mystic Essence Large Glowing Shard 100
36-40 Vision Dust Lesser Nether Essence Small Radiant Shard 125
41-45 Dream Dust Greater Nether Essence Large Radiant Shard 150
46-50 Dream Dust Lesser Eternal Essence Small Brilliant Shard 175
51-60 Illusion Dust Greater Eternal Essence Large Brilliant Shard 200
57-70 Arcane Dust Lesser Planar Essence Small Prismatic Shard 225
61-70 Arcane Dust Greater Planar Essence Large Prismatic Shard 275

Blue items will DE into 1 or 2 shards according to the chart above; blues from 51-60 have a small chance of DEing into a Nexus Crystal, while 61-70 blues can become a Void Crystal. Pre-51 epics DE into shards according to the chart, and DE into crystals at the same levels as blues, with no chance of becoming a shard. It is possible to obtain multiple crystals from DEing epics.

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