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  1. Speak to Livia Montelius in East Freeport
  2. Use the Mariner's Bell ("Travel outside of city" bell) to journey to the Feerrott. Note: regular routes to Feerrott will not update the quest.
  3. Speak to the Iksar Pilgrim
  4. I must find the encampment and help them resist the Sathirian's advances.
    • Kill a Sathirian Scout on my way to the pilgrim Encampment near 78,3,22 .
    • Kill aSathirian Scout Leader on my way to the pilgrim Encampment, near 117,-1,102 .
    • Speak to Irkksom Svetann to receive Disrupt the Sathirian Efforts.
  5. Return to Livia Montelius in East Freeport to finish the quest-line.

Joining the Crew of the Bane of Prexus Kunark Rising
Quest Series
Disrupt the Sathirian Efforts
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