Rift Data Feed Issues, Bugs, and Wishlist

I. Discovery.log A. Groundspawns 1. Quest Items 2. Materials Nodes 3. Artifacts 4. Others such as chests B. Boolean expert-mode flag for instances C. Boss Type ENUM(N/A,dungeon,raid,rift,etc) [ could include I.B here, too, to make it one field -- see also II.B.1 and II.B.2 ] D. Datetime stamp (preferably UTC, but whatever) 1. encounterID is recycled so not knowing the date AND the time makes it useless 2. May also need shard if encounterID is only unique to that level 3. This also helps to stop the issue of the same log being re-uploaded and skewing the data or multiple people looting a boss mob E. Event that spawned the mob (for rifts, invasions, world events, etc. -- this is to support user requests) F. Ideally, one entry for each loot event with an array of items rather than separate for each drop 1. This helps reduce the size of the logs a good deal by stripping repetitive information 2. This helps accuracy as to the number of times the mob was looted (without relying on encounterID)

II. Things to add to or fix in the data feeds from Trion A. Items 1. Runes are still missing information a. b. 2. Augmented items a. Should have a boolean isAugmented flag or something so we know it's an augmented item b. The stats are only ever the base stats c. Which augment was added to make the item would be nice-to-have info (i.e. rough tiefstone) d. examples i. ii. 3. Items with duplicated values in the XML a. duplicate value for 'OnEquipStrength' in BFB8F8FE030186D5BF9A06203C b. duplicate value for 'OnEquipStrength' in BFB8F8FE0301D8B0ECF003203C c. duplicate value for 'OnEquipDexterity' in BFB8F8FE0301D8B0ECF003203C d. duplicate value for 'OnEquipStrength' in BFB8F8FE030186D5BF9A062078 4. Crafting Materials a. required skill to gather b. levels range of spawn for leather and creatures around where it spawns for nodes c. tier on materials would be nice-to-have (e.g. tin ore/bar is tier 1, copper tier 2, etc.) 5. Flag, level, and required skill for runebreakable/salvagble items (I currently use logic to try and guess, but not always right) 6. Tier/type of materials from salvaging/runebreaking would be a nice-to-have 7. Please add calling to items in cases other than special restrictions a. It almost never appears and I assume that it means an additional restriction to only that calling when it does b. It's absent on the rest of the items so I have to guess based on slot/type 8. Please add the 'slot' text to the item (which can be the slot or a description of the item e.g. two-hand, head, consumable, etc.) -- I have logic right now that guesses it and it is mostly right, but not always. a. It can be the slot name b. It can be the name of the device in the slot and the slots it contains (containers) c. It can describe the item (container,consumbable, etc.) d. i. Shows as Container in-game ii. ContainerSlots = 0 in the data, which is how I determine container iii. Lists as consumable on our site. B. Mobs 1. Boss type (see I.C above -- if it were here, it wouldn't need to be in the Discovery log) 2. Whether this mob is the expert version or not (could be combined with II.C above) 3. Mobs with duplicate values (these may be valid if they can have more than one category) a. duplicate value for 'Category' in 647729346 b. duplicate value for 'Category' in 644424223 c. duplicate value for 'Category' in 2061330299 d. duplicate value for 'Category' in 1353346733 e. duplicate value for 'Category' in 1756103305 f. duplicate value for 'Category' in 663471410 g. duplicate value for 'Category' in 1678791332 h. duplicate value for 'Category' in 476917946 4. Zone would be nice-to-have 5. Defiant and Guardian (enum_of_notariety_levels) are confusing in the mob data -- I really don't know what this means and have a best-guess approach to whom they aggro to 6. LootDropper mob type is a bit confusing 7. Mobs which grant faction a. need to display which and how much in the data b. need to show max faction/level they stop giving faction rewards C. Zones/Instances/Maps 1. Bounding Coordinates of all the zones would be really nice to have 2. Map tiles (or a monolithic hi-res base map I can chop into tiles) would be very, very useful. Instances, too 3. A mapping of internal names (as seen in the Discovery.log) would be very useful -- they don't match zone names always and some I still haven't figured out (LHook is obvious, Slv_Gilded is ... no clue) Unknowns: a. Shadowl_def b. Slv_gilded c. Trollbane_canyon d. Warfront_01 e. Warfront_02 f. Warfront_04 g. Warfront_07 4. Bounding coordinates of locations of the areas within the zone (i.e. Telara > Silverwood > Mirror of Ages) would be really nice-to-have D. A quick document explaining the XMLs and what's valid (i.e. for the duplicate stuff above, should it be considered additive?) and any quick explanations would be nice to help folks newer to parsing the data. 1. See points of confusion above 2. Also some things in Traits and Abilities don't make complete sense 3. Field, Type, Note would probably be plenty (i.e. Mobs.Defiant | string/enum (legal, values, here) | this is what the mob thinks of defiants (or is thought of by the defiants)) E. Traits/Souls/Abilities 1. Soul descriptions included in the data would be nice-to-have so we can stay up-to-date (I copied them one at a time from screenshots I took in-game) 2. Going from Traits to Abilities and vice-versa can be difficult using the data feed 3. A boolean flag isPassive would really help on abilities/traits that are passive (I wrote logic again here to guess at that) 4. Infiltrator.xml contains errors in the point values of trait ranks for Knock Knock 5. Marksman.xml contains no description for 'Close Quarters Combat' 6. Last time I looked, 'Elemental Summoner' is still used and classes with spaces or that are compound words aren't always consistent (e.g. Riftblade <=> Rift Blade, Voidknight <=> Void Knight) F. Collections 1. 'Dummy' is the location on some collections 2. Difficulty isn't really explained G. Quests 1. Deprecated/Available flag for quests no longer in the game 2. Name or ID of special event quests would be nice to tie things together. 3. Quests may need flags for a. only repeatable N times b. only repeatable under N level c. only repeatable under N notoriety (I think this is in place if the field means what I believe it does) d. only available after N notoriety

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