Treasure Run (DN Place)  

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Carderock Pass (Daredevil Faire)
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Dragon Nest

Path: Carderock Pass (Daredevil Faire) —> Treasure Run

The lowest level you can adventure here is 20, and the highest available Dungeon here is 40.

  • Level range: 20-40
  • One-to-four player dungeon
  • Challenge: Defeat all the enemies in the Silent Cloister to clear the dungeon.
  • Treasure Run will not consume Empowerment points.
  • Enemies will not drop items. All enemies will drop money.
  • Treasure Run may be up to cleared seven times per week.[1]

This is the same map as the ring of rooms surrounding the 4 green crystals in Silent Cloister main Hall.

Each player will be locked in a room with a boss. Clear the room to open the door, then click the Protection Stones in the main room to open the other doors and help your teammates. Additional bosses, and ninjas, will spawn. Keep clearing till chest unlocks.

  1. ^ from 9-1-2011 patch notes

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