The Refuge (CoS Zone)  

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Type: Suburb
Within: Nexus
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City of Steam
The sudden destruction of the City-State of Delton at the hands of the great Colossus left thousands of Heartlanders homeless. Alone among the remaining Heartland City-States, Nexus opened its doors to Deltoner refugees. Within a few short months, a small camp has blossomed into a neighborhood in its own right. Immigrants from throughout the Mechanism now call the Refuge home, with more arriving every day. Some of these new Nexans have fled danger in their home nations, hoping to forge new identities in the ancient city. Some have returned to Nexus to visit family and to help them through these troubled times. And some have found themselves in the Refuge on the way to seeking their fortune in the famous City of Steam.


Railhauler Station

Travel by railhauler is only available to Suburb zones you have unlocked.

There are five Quest categories listed in the Quest Journal: Family, Class, Region (name of the zone), Faction and Epic. This is in addition to quests listed under General.

Click on any Mob Name in your Quest Journal or the Quest Tracker to show a tracking arrow or, sometimes, to auto-move to that mob.

Area Guide
Area Guide
Each Town District (Zone) has guideboards that will list all the major services and places in the town. Click on one of the names to auto-move to that location!


Treasure Chests
The Glut
The Glut
The Old Courtyard
The Old Courtyard
Before you head into a Dungeon be sure you have some Keys! Throughout any dungeon will be chests that require a Key to open! Be sure to break open all the boxes and barrels you see, as keys are frequently hidden in them. The number of keys you presently have is displayed near your portrait, next to your Shillings, Spiremarks and Electrum. Some but not many chests will also have another key in them!

The following table displays all of the Normal Dungeon levels but not the Challenge zones. Challenge zones are listed on the top-most Normal Dungeon level page for each Dungeon.

The Bunker Halls26+125
The Bunker 6+125
The Glut37+125
The Clockroach Nest 8+125
The Old Courtyard38+125
The Dead End 9+125
The Sunken Lode49+125
The Second Dig 10+125
The Dustyard410+125
The Dust Cavern 11+125
The Well411+125
The Tank 12+125
The Frieghter 12+125

Book 2, Chapter 1

Climb the Skydock

see Main for the entire story.
  1. [Main] Repair the Skydock - Help Captain Twyne
    1. Find a Phlogiston Canister - The Bunker Halls
    2. Rescue the Tinker - The Glut
    3. Gather Lumber - The Old Courtyard
    4. Save the Miners - The Sunken Lode
    5. Gather Scrap Iron - Dustyard
    6. Raise the Elevator - The Well
    7. Upon climbing up to the Skydock you will receive another incoming call from your mysterious friend.
    8. Flight of the Freighter - Take a ride on an airship
      • Hint: Until you reach level 12 and get your new skill you will probably be unable to finish this quest.
      • Upon exiting the Freighter you receive another call
  2. Iron and Bones - Kill 50 Skeleton Thralls, 30 Sekeleton Soldiers and 20 Skeleton Headsmen in The Ironwaste
  3. Reach Heartland Road - Deliver a message to Officer Jost in Heartland Road

Each sub-quest above unlocks the Optional and Daily quests at that dungeon.

General Quests

Region Quests

Family Quests

Class Quests

Faction Quests

Epic Quests

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