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Quest Series
Starting PlanetTaris
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Star Wars:
The Old Republic

Quest Series

Republic Players

  1. Olaris Spaceport:

after completing your final Story quest on this planet...

Taris: Olaris Spaceport

Overrun Settlement

The Sinking City

Waypoint Station Aurek

There is a Flashpoint Shuttle here that can take you directly to Fleet.

Republic Reconstruction Grounds

Kanner Outpost

Sliding Plate

The Brell Sediment

Western Shore

The Tularan Marsh

Verdant Marshes (Waypoint Station Morne)

Shattered Pipeworks (Lytle Outpost)

Derelict Swoop Tracks (Brejik's Run Outpost)

Forward Research Camp

Imperial Players

This is the primary mission series for Taris and begins on the Imperial Orbital Station.
  1. [32] Dominating Taris
  2. Toxic Lake Garrison:
    1. [32] Militia Stomping
    2. [33] Bombing the Walkers
    3. [33] Race for the Kill
  3. Verdant Marsh:
    1. [33] Rakghoul Observation
    2. [33] Rakghoul Roundup
    3. [34] Culling the Nekghouls
    4. [34] Friends of the Republic
  4. Imperial Occupation Grounds (Tower Command Station):
    1. [34] Cathar Assassination
    2. [35] Routing the Republic
    3. [36] No Escape

after completion of your Class story missions for Taris

The Brell Sediment

Toxic Lake Garrison

Bomber Command Post

Tularan Marsh

Verdant Marsh (Border Assault Post)

Shattered Pipeworks (75th Legion Forward Camp)

Forgotten Undercity

  1. [36] Infected Pirates
  2. [36] Calling all Rakghouls

Derelict Swoopp Tracks

Durasteel Boneyard

The Sinking City

Imperial Occupation Grounds (Tower Command Station)

Sliding Plate (Forward Outpost Alpha)

New Tarisian Dawn

Republic Resettlement Zone

Crater Command Base

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