Tactical Officer (STO)  

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Star Trek Online
Federation Version:

Combat damage, stealth recon, and squad tactics. The Tactical Officer can deliver damage in the widest variety of methods, while supporting his away team by drawing off enemy threat or bolstering their combat effectiveness with tactics and squad commands.

Klingon Version:

You are a Tactical Officer. You are on the front lines of every battle, using your skills to defeat who would oppose the Klingon Empire. Stealth, squad tactics and damage boosts are part of your formidable arsenal, and you support your crew by drawing enemy fire or bolstering the effectiveness of your away team with superior tactics and squad commands. You are a warrior! Glory to the Klingon Empire!

  • Soldiers are highly trained in the use of several different types of grenades, and their training works to increase the effectiveness of both themselves, and their teams in battle.
  • Security Officers receive training to allow them to protect their allies in combat situations and have extensive knowledge of a wide variety of firearms.
  • The Special Forces train extensively in stealth and martial arts.

Tactical Officer Kits

Level Where the Ability is used Ability
3 Space Evasive Maneuvers
5 Ground Target Optics
8 Space
13 Space
15 Ground
18 Space
23 Space
25 Ground
28 Space
33 Space
35 Ground
38 Space
43 Space
45 Ground

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