Summer Fireworks Festival (EQ2 Live Event)  

The Summer Fireworks Festival has been discontinued. The last festival was in 2012.
The firework launcher rewards are available at the appropriate City Festivals!

Celebrate the upcoming long weekend of July 1st to 4th with a massive Marketplace sale and in-game fireworks festival!

Visit the Marketplace in EverQuest II and collect your FREE festive sparkler! Then make your way to North Qeynos, West Freeport, Neriak, Kelethin, Gorowyn, or New Halas and talk to the festival fireworks coordinator to offer your assistance setting off the festive fireworks all over the city. Earn a different fireworks launcher in each city, which you can use to decorate your home or guildhall! [1]


Obtain a Festive Sparkler from the Marketplace (it has no cost) from the Summer Fireworks Festival category. Then visit Fireworks Coordinators in the player cities to get your quests! All of the quests are repeatable. No new quests or items were introduced in 2012.

  • Gorowyn: Gorowyn Festive Fireworks at 2370, 19, 1357 on Faydedar Watch (the Gorowyn docks)
  • Kelethin: Kelethin Festive Fireworks at 269, 106, 146 near the Kelethin Regional Bank
  • Neriak: Neriak Festive Fireworks at 16, 17, -14 in Indigo Hollow
  • New Halas: New Halas Festive Fireworks at -64, 148, -14 near the center of town
  • North Qeynos: Qeynos Festive Fireworks at 295, -18, -29 by the Qeynos Claymore
  • West Freeport: Freeport Festive Fireworks at 215, -4, -68 across from the bank

Sparklers and Fireworks, oh my!
Sparklers and Fireworks, oh my!

  1. ^ EQ2 Players article announcing the event.
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