Siege Wars (RoM)  

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Runes of Magic
Siege Wars

Powerful forces have found their way into Taborea which heralds the beginning of a new period of violence.

Prepare and arm your guilds for epic 300 player battles and bring down the opposing castle.

Powerful and destructive siege engines such as catapults and battering rams are at your disposal. The mere mention of your name will strike fear in the hearts of men after you destroy their castle gates and set their fortress alight.

But be on your guard, only those among you who bring tactical abilities and skill with them into battle will leave the battlefield as glorious heroes.

However, not only the sweet taste of victory awaits the triumphant hero but also titles, resources, armors, and lots more.*

*The Siege Wars feature is available with Patch 2.1.7 in beta version. The final launch of this Player vs Player feature will be with the release of ‘Chapter III – The Elder Kingdoms'.

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