Ship Weapon Types (STO)  

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Star Trek Online
Energy Weapons are the first category of damage. They come in the following damage types:

  • Phaser - 2.5% Chance: Disable 1 Subsystem
  • Disrupter - 2.5% Chance: 10% Damage Resistance Debuff for 15 seconds
  • Plasma - XXX Plasma Damage over 15 seconds
  • Polaron - 2.5% Chance: -25 to All Subsystem Power
  • Tetryon - 2.5% Chance: 10% Bonus Damage to Shields
  • Antiproton - (Only ones in game are purple Admiral ones, they don't seem to have a proc)

Each of these kinds of damage have 3 weapon types:

  • Array - 250' targeting arc
  • Dual Bank - 90' targeting arc
  • Dual Cannons - 45' targeting arc
  • Dual Heavy Cannons - 45' targeting arc
  • Turret - 360' targeting arc

Typically the narrower the targeting arc the more damage the item will do. Heavy cannons will hit harder then cannons, but have a longer cooldown making them the same damage per second. Heavy Cannons, Cannons, and Banks can only be equipped in the fore weapon slots.

Energy Weapons will drain some of your weapon power every time you fire them and their damage will decrease as your weapon power gets lower. In addition the farther you are from your target the less damage they will do. Energy weapons are very good at damaging shields.

Projectile Weapons are the second category of damage. They come in the following weapon types:

  • Torpedoes - 90' targeting arc
    • Photon - Decent damage
    • Quantom - Higher damage then Photon, but longer cooldown
    • Plasma - 33% Chance: XXX Plasma Damage over 10 seconds
    • Transphasic - Pretty low dps (rumor is that part of the damage ignores shields, but I've seen no official word)
    • Chronite - -100% Flight Speed strength for 10 sec -100% Flight Turn Rate strength for 10 sec
    • Tricobolt - (only weapons are purple Admiral weapons)

Plasma torpedoes when shot with the High Yield ability fire a Heavy Plasma Torpedo which moves slowly and can be shot by enemy ships.

  • Mines - 5 launched behind your ship
    • Photon - ??
    • Quantom - ??
    • Plasma - ??
    • Transphasic - ??
    • Chronite - ??
    • Tricobolt - ??

Tricobolt torpedoes and all mines don't show you what or if they proc anything.

Mines will hang where you lay them until their timer runs out, they get shot down, or an enemy ship wanders close enough to them which causes the mine to ram and explode on the enemy ship.

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