Science Officer (STO)  

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Star Trek Online
Federation Version:

Weakening or incapacitating the enemy over time, creating energy fields that damage or hinder, and healing their away team from such effects. The Science Officer has the greatest potential to quickly react to a chaotic combat situation though direct enemy holds, weakening an enemy group's combat strength or resistance, or responding to enemy attack by quickly healing damage. The Science Officer's combat effectiveness is their versatility.

Klingon Version:

You are a Science Officer. You use your skills and knowledge to support your ship and your crew. You can weaken or even incapacitate enemies, create energy fields that damage or hinder your foes, and treat wounds of your fellow officers. Science officers can turn the tide of a chaotic battle by holding the enemy in place, weakening their combat strength or resistance and quickly getting an injured crewmate back in the fight. Your greatest strength in combat is versatility. Qapla'!

  • Scientists support their allies by weakening enemies they come in contact with.
  • Researchers can keep control in most any combat situation.
  • Doctors are responsible for keeping their team mates in tip top medical condition.

Science Officer Kits

Level Where the Ability is used Ability
3 Space Evasive Maneuvers
5 Ground Tricorder Scan
8 Space Sensor Scan
13 Space Brace for Impact
15 Ground Neural Neutralizers
18 Space Subnucleonic Beam
23 Space Ramming Speed
25 Ground Dampening Field
28 Space Dampening Field
33 Space Abandon Ship
35 Ground Nanoprobe Infestation
38 Space Photonic Fleet
43 Space [1]
45 Ground [2]
  1. ^ Game says we get one, but we don't seem to
  2. ^ Game says we get one, but we don't seem to

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