PvP Queues (STO)  

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Star Trek Online
There are two ways to enter PvP action. One is to visit a System that is marked as a PvP encounter. This will be next to the System Name when viewed in Sector Space. The second way is to choose PvP Queues from the More option of your Minimap HUD, then sign up for or create a PvP encounter and wait for it to fill up and start. When the minimum players have joined both sides you will be asked to confirm your desire to enter PvP.

You will find several Missions along your way that will instruct you to enter a specific Instance, or simply enstruct you to "Enter and win any Hostile Engagement".

The names of all the Scenarios begins with "Hostile Engagement (FvK)". After that are three parts: The Type, Venue and Map. Maps are, naturally, restricted to a specific Venue. You cannot very well have a Ground battle in vacuum.

An example of a PvP Queue name is: Hostile Engagement (FvK) - Arena - Space - Briar Patch

  • Capture and Hold: The map has several "Flags" which must be captured by one side or the other. Capture awards a set number of points. Next more points are awarded the longer your side holds the flag. This is where the Hold part comes in, as you get more points from Holding a flag than for the Capture. A small award is also made for each enemy killed.
    • Space
      • Salvage Operation (Large)
      • Salvage Operation (Small)
  • Arena: Simple mayhem. Kill as many of the enemy as you can while dying as little as you can.
    • Space
      • Cracked Planetoid
      • Briar Patch
      • Solar Wind
    • Ground
      • Ghost Ship
      • Assimilated Cruiser
      • Deserted Facility
  • Assault: Each side has a set of objectives that need to be completed as quickly as possible. First to the final objective wins.
    • Space
      • Enemy Mine (Large)
      • Enemy Mine (Small)

Without a doubt future expansions will add more scenarios to the above list.

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