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June 2009 Player of the Month


Real Name: Neil

Age: 21

Character Name: Nilatai

Character Race: Hume

Character Job(s): MNK75, WAR75, NIN61

Nation: Bastok

Rank: 10

Server: Sylph

Linkshell: BearEaters

Linkshell Website:

Real World Location: Kent, England, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Career / Employment Industry / Current Level of School: Studying for my A - Levels in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Hobbies: FFXI, Reading (Both Fiction and non-Fiction), Drinking, Swimming and other assorted Videogames


Besides Final Fantasy XI, what other MMORPGs have you played and how do they compare to Final Fantasy XI?

I did play World of Warcraft very briefly. While it is fun as a solo game, the calibre of player leaves something to be desired. It doesn't have the sense of community that one associates with FFXI.

How did you find out about Final Fantasy XI, and when did you begin playing?

I read about FFXI when they started developing it. I've always been a fan of the series, something about an online Final Fantasy attracted me. I began playing on 24th May 2005.

Do you know anyone in real life who plays Final Fantasy XI?

Not exactly. However, I've met up with several people from my Linkshells over the years. I'm actually planning to meet a few people from Allakhazam's FFXI boards in July.

How did you come up with your main character's name?

I came up with it back when SNES was the main console for RPGs. I wanted something similar to my real name, but wouldn't look that out of place in a Japanese RPG.

What is your favourite job and why?

Monk is my favourite job, of course! How can you not love the idea of rushing into monsters with nothing but your fists! That's what attracted me to the class when I was reading through the instruction booklet while installing.( I've got to be the only person who actually read that thing). What kept me playing MNK was the way it develops as you level. The nature of the Hand-to-hand weapon is something in particular. Not only do you gain Acc/Att from skill like other jobs, your base damage actually increases as well! I'm not even going to get into the Martial Arts traits. Once I hit 75, I discovered a new found versatility in MNK that other DD jobs don't really have. Tanking through superior damage dealing! How can you not love all that MNK is?

That being said however, I do love WAR. There's something about a drunken Viking style job that I really do enjoy. There's a real sense of brotherhood about being a Warrior, none of this e-peen swinging that comes with other jobs. Well, not much anyway.

Which forum(s) do you frequent the most?

MNK, WAR, DRK, NIN, FFXI General and OoT are all on my hit list. The Monk and Warrior Forums are where I'm most well known, and most active. I try to help out where I can. The Mead Hall is my favourite place to post though, there's such a good atmosphere over there. A big shout out to those guys.

About how often do you play Final Fantasy XI and how long is a typical playing session for you?

I fit my FFXI around my real life commitments. If I don't have anything planned for that day, I'd happily play FFXI from sun up to sun down. Typically I play around 5-6 hours each day, depending on other commitments.

How do you spend your time in game?

Generally you can find me on the Ferry between Selbina and Mhuara these days, fishing. Some friends and I have recently made ourselves a makeshift end-game linkshell. Sky, Sea, Limbus, ZNM, HNM, KS99s and the occasional ENM will keep me pretty busy during my playtime. I also enjoy finding noobs and teaching them about ways to make money, or what gear they should aim towards. Hell, even high level players aren't safe from my barrage of information on those subjects.

Do you craft? If so, what are your skill levels?

I craft occasionally. I have Goldsmithing sitting at 52.2, I can never seem to find the ingredients I need for skill ups :/. I also Fish, it's coming along nicely, 25 and rising.

Approximately how much of Vana'diel have you experienced?

At a guess I'd say around 80%. I've completed all the missions available, with the exception of TAU. I love to do quests, especially ones that give back-story into the game. For example the Stone Tablets or Serpent Generals quests. They give FFXI depth that a lot of games out there lack.

What is your favourite expansion?

Chains of Promathia (Yes, yes, it's Cliché, I know). In depth story, the need for teamwork and strategy. Everything an MMO should be! I remember working through it with my static, reading guides and doing sub-quests to get items. SE really got it right when they made this one, in my opinion. Wings of the Goddess is shaping up to be this level of awesome, too.

What is your least favourite expansion?

Treasures of Aht Urghan *spit*.(Yes, I'm one of those people). I really don't like the turn TAU took the player base down. It turned on “Easy mode” as far as exp was concerned. Not to mention the missions(with the exception of the last boss >:D).

How far have you progressed in missions?

CoP/Zilart: The last Verse, TAU: Puppet In Peril, Wings of the Goddess: Crossroads of Time, Bastok/San d'Oria/WindHurst: Rank 10, Assault: Chief Sergeant.

What is your favourite zone?

The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. I used to farm here when I was a nooblet, the music and scenery used to relax me. As a result I've developed a penchant for farming.

Who is your NPC hero and why?

Oggbi. He's the epitome of everything a MNK is! He's like a god to us people.

If Shantotto was your mom, give a good excuse for coming home 6 hours after curfew.

I'm not 6 hours late! I'm 18 hours early!

Describe your most memorable moment or proudest accomplishment in game.

I'd have to say it was when my friends and I made our first linkshell, SylphCommunistParty (don't judge, we were cool). See, when we started we were all in a long established shell on Sylph. I won't name names, but everyone knows who they are. This shell was fun, it was light-hearted, it was everything a new player could want in a linkshell. The linkshell leader turned out to have a nasty temper though, and in a fit of rage he broke the shell. Well, we got everyone we could and bought a shell for ourselves. It was a lot of fun really, it was unexplored territory for us. A Linkshell with no rules, except one: Respect one another and help when you can.

What is the largest amount of Gil you have ever had at one time, and how did you go about accumulating it?

I think it was about 14 Mil, back when 14Mil wasn't a lot of money (read: 2005/6). I got really lucky that year with NM drops, BCNMs and such. As I mentioned earlier I really, really enjoyed farming. I found it to be a respite from the long grind of exp. Tree Cuttings were a favourite of mine, they fetched around 250k/stack. It never lasted though, I'd spend money as fast as I could make it.

What are some things you would change or implement in order to improve Final Fantasy XI?

Wrist Straps! That is, grips for Hand-to-hand weapons. I don't think it'd be too game breaking. Plus I'm sick of having an empty equipment slot.

If you were stranded on Purgonorgo Isle what 5 items would you most want to have with you?

My Shaded Spectacles, Linkpearl, Signal Pearl (She's a girl ;) ), Olive Oil(Gotta work on my tan!) and my trusty Byakko's Axe for Cutting wood etc.

How do you describe Final Fantasy XI to your co-workers or computer-illiterate friends?

I don't really. Online gaming isn't as popular here in the UK as it is in the States. Most people would just stare blankly at me if I started talking about it.

What is next for you in the world of Final Fantasy XI?

I'm currently busy recruiting for our new linkshell (Check the link if you're from Sylph!), we're really coming along nicely. If you need a shell, simply fill out an application and we'll get back to you ASAP. Mmm, shameless plug, tasty.

I'd like to thank the posters in The Dojo and in the Mead Hall for their support. As well as all those who supported me this month. I'll do my best to keep contributing in my own way.

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