Mystic Altar (RoM Zone)  

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Map of Mystic Altar
Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic Zone Information
TypeInstanced Dungeon
Expansion Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range 35 to 45
Connecting Zones Ystra Highlands
Max Players 6
Progress Saved? No
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Delve into the labyrinth of the minotaurs and complete useful quests as you triumph over mighty flames, fearsome dream eaters and four bosses including an awakened stone minotaur.

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This zone is sometimes referred to as Ancestor's Knowledge. Quest in this zone are part of the Ystra Highlands quest series.

The entrance to this zone is at the most southern part of Ystra Highlands at 45.2, 107.5 inside Snowhorn. Go to the bottom of Mystic Altar (past the Elite minotaurs) and click on the Mystic Stone Table. To leave, go through the first room with mobs, down the long tunnel, and step onto the altar (in the large round room seen on the map), or simply enter the tunnel behind where you appear in the zone. You will be teleported to the midpoint of the entrance tunnel.

This zone is an instance so mobs you kill stay dead, and if you exit and reenter they are still dead until the zone resets. Death and revival does not always reset the zone but sometime it does. We are not sure why. Revive location is the circle in Frostwood Valley but your tomebstone will be in the entrance chamber (Mystic Altar) so dropping some ink just before the zone entrance is a very good idea.

Common Mobs

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