Memory Alpha (STO System)  

Block: Alpha Centauri
Sector: Teneebia
Faction: United Federation of Planets
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Star Trek Online
Map of Memory Alpha Research Colony
Map of Memory Alpha Research Colony
Years ago a group of Federation and Vulcan scientists pitched the idea to the Council of establishing a central data and research center and attempting to gather all of the information in the universe in one place. This became Memory Alpha, a project so important it has its own planet in the Teneebia Sector of the Alpha Centauri block.

In the Lounge (large room in the center of the Research Colony) you will find Exchange, Mail and Bank Access Stations.

The real business of Memory Alpha is Anomalous Data. Credits will not help you here. The currency of Science is information. In your journeys you will find Energy, Physical, and Technological Data Samples. Bring the scans to Memory Alpha and the scientists here will reward your diligence with special gear and upgrades to your equipment.

Getting the scientists here to set aside their pet projects to look at your terribly important mysterious anomaly, however, is going to be difficult. Basically, they work on a referral system. Each scientist looks up to one of the others and will not help you until their trusted colleague asks them to. To get their referral you will need to do things for them.

When you have unlocked a Scientist they will offer to "Sell" you many kinds of things in exchange for the unusual things you find in your journeys.

See the Scientist's individual Mob pages for a table of the items sold by that scientist.

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