Meluan's Gate (CoS Zone)  

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Type: Suburb
Within: Nexus


Myth Hub
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City of Steam
Almost two hundred years ago, when the Neruvites abandoned the Ark to found Nexus City, a temporary trading post and foreign affairs station was established, some distance from the planned city center. Meluan Chord, an alchemist and prominent noble woman among the early settlers was appointed to reside in the suburb and protect the inner city beyond from the dangers of the outside world.

Naturally, the suburb grew quickly and haphazardly, as the location of the port made it perfect for ships traveling across the Arterial Ocean. This continued for many years, and thrived under the fair but strict governance of Meluan, eventually earning herself an international reputation. This history, and the fact that foreigners could not pronounce the name in Neruvian dialect, led to the suburb being renamed as Meluan’s Gate.

But the story of Meluan Chord does not end there.

She took a Riven husband, also an alchemist but more importantly a businessman. He aided her in establishing the “New Town”, now referred to as Urbis Antiquitis. While this benefitted Nexus greatly, it did not bring greatness to the Riven households that funded it, and he failed to earn himself the elixir needed to extend his lifetime by another Chronicle.

When he died, Meluan Chord locked herself away in the tower for years and lived in complete isolation from society. Eventually, she threw herself off the edge of the cliffs, a tragic event that immortalized her name and the legend of Meluan’s Gate.

Rumors and superstition still surround her demise. The locals won’t go near the alchemical tower on the bluff where she died for fear of meeting her tortured spirit. And even the recent infestation of clockroaches, imps and other pests has not encouraged exterminators to address the issue.


Railhauler Station

Travel by railhauler from Meluan's Gate is available to all of the same destinations you can portal to via the World Map.

Myth Hub

Myth Hub controls
Myth Hub controls
Teleportation via Myth Hub is available from the Myth Dock in any of the zones listed under Myth Hub in the Quick Facts box to any other listed zone's Myth Dock. Remember that travel via Myth Hub still consumes Energy!

To use the Myth Hub you must first unlock the destinations by finding the Myth Dock in the instances. Thereafter, step on to any Myth Dock and use the controls (that replaced your HUD Map) to choose your destination.


DungeonDepthLevel RangeBoss
Railyard1518+Tombcrawler (20)
Railyard Warehouse 18+
Urbis Antiquitas1119+
Urbis Medius 19+
Urbis Terminus 20+
The Near Scraphills1120+
The Far Scraphills 21+
Rustwolf Den 22+Alpha Rustwolf (20)
Harbor Archives1121+
Harbor Archives 2 22+5
Harbor Archives 3 23+
The Upper Bilge1122+
The Central Bilge 23+
The Lower Bilge 24+
Airship Graveyard1123+
Corsair Airship 23+
Floating Island 24+
The Underworks1123+
The Innerworks 13+
The Deepworks 25+
Harbor Cave1125+
Sorvan's Rest 26+Sorvan (26)
Tharik's Rest 26+Tharik (26)
Kalinor's Rest 27+Kalinor (27)
  Meluan's Rest 27+

Main Quests

See the Main Quest Series

Book 2, Chapter 3

Meluan's Gate

  1. [Main] Awaken the Myth Hub - Find the Myth Hub in Meluan's Gate to calibrate your device
    • As soon as you step onto the Myth Hub, Imraphel calls to tell you that you need to find each of the Myth Docks in the dungeons surrounding Meluan's Gate
    1. Railyard Dock - Find the Railyard Myth Dock
    2. Urbis Dock - Find the Urbis Myth Dock (in Urbis Medius)
    3. Near Scraphills Dock - Find the Scraphills Myth Dock (in The Far Scraphills)
    4. Harbor Archives Dock - Find the Archives Myth Dock (in Harbor Archives 3)
    5. Central Bilge Dock - Find the Bilge Myth Dock (in The Central Bilge)
    6. Old Mooring Dock - Find the Airship Myth Dock (in the Airship Graveyard)
    7. Underworks Dock - Find the Deepworks Myth Dock (in The Deepworks)
    8. Final Dock - Find the Harbor Cave to reach the Final Myth Dock (in Meluan's Rest)
    9. Prepare Yourself - Reach Level 25
    10. Now that you are 25, activate the Aetheric Focus by the Myth Hub.
  2. Ride the Myth Beam - Use the Transit Beam to travel to The Vault.

General Quests



Optionals become available only when you have completed the Main quest that involves that dungeon.


  1. [Vanquisher] Walk Around the Block Urbis - Exterminator
  2. [Vanquisher] Station Infestation Railyard - Boss
  3. [Vanquisher] Urbis Antiquitus Boss Raid Urbis - Boss
  4. [Vanquisher] Toil and Trouble Scraphills - Boss
  5. [Vanquisher] Tomes and Bones Harbor Archives - Boss
  6. [Vanquisher] Bilge Pump Bilge - Boss
  7. [Vanquisher] Corsair Connection Harbor Airspace - Boss Raid
  8. [Vanquisher] Newborn Undead Underworks - Boss


  1. [Challenge] Heroic - Walk Around the Block Urbis - Exterminator
  2. [Challenge] Heroic - Station Infestation Railyard - Boss
  3. [Challenge] Heroic - Urbis Antiquitus Boss Raid Urbis - Boss
  4. [Challenge] Heroic - Toil and Trouble Scraphills - Boss
  5. [Challenge] Heroic - Tomes and Bones Harbor Archives - Boss
  6. [Challenge] Heroic - Bilge Pump Bilge - Boss
  7. [Challenge] Heroic - Corsair Connection Harbor Airspace - Boss Raid
  8. [Challenge] Heroic - Underworks Boss Raid Underworks - Boss

Region Quests

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