Making a Necklace of Hope (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Dust Devil Canyon
 [+] Khalara Plateau
  [48] Making a Necklace of Hope

Expansion: Rise of the Demon Lord
Start: Darhill Chisom (Ggl)
Related POIs: Related Mobs: Related Items: End: Darhill Chisom (Ggl)

Quest Reward:
 XP: 46,498
 TP: 4,649
 Gold: 4,397Gold 

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Runes of Magic
Find Red Tear Gem x10 (Ggl) from the ghosts of the Mesa of the Fallen. This is an uncommon drop, so plan to spend some time looking for all 10.

Lover's Concern Dust Devil Canyon
Quest Series
Glory Square
Blessing for Life
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