Lustres (DN)  

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Lustres can be used to create Crests and specialized skill Plates, or to Enhance weapons and armor. They are a material component for the "paint" used by a Crest Scholar to turn a Plate into a Crest or skill. Each class has a specific gem lustre needed for its specialized skills.

A blacksmith can help you craft rare Crude Lustres from 3 fragments plus 1 to 3 Small Octagonal Waters (1 for Normal Crude Onyx, 2 for Magic Crude Rubies, Crude Sapphires, Crude Obsidian and Crude Topaz, or 3 for a rare Crude Diamond). This way, you can continue to make use of the piles of fragments you get.

Gem Usage
Create Enhancement Crests
Create Novice Skill Crests
Create Specialized Skill Crests
Create Quality Skill Crests
Create Superb Skill Crests)
Create Archer Equip
Create Cleric Equip
Create Sorceress Equip
Create Warrior Equip
Enhance Normal, Magic & Rare Equip
Enhance Epic & Above Equip

The size and quantity of the Lustre will be specified and depends on the level and rank of the item. For instance, Enhancing a level 15 Magic item is free from +1 to +8, while a level 16 Rare item requires 1 Crude Onyx from +1 to +5, then 2 Crude Onyxs from +6 to +8.

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