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Star Trek Online
In most games your character learns spells and abilities, this is somewhat true in Star Trek Online. You do get some abilities as you level (every level ending in 3 and 8 get you space abilities and every level ending ending in 5 gets you a ground ability). However most ground skills you use are from kits.

Kits refine your character's career. For example: A Tactical Officer can use a kit that makes your attacks against NPCs generate more threat so they will be more likely to target you, or that same character can get a kit that allows you to go into stealth mode to avoid damage.

Kits can't be used by bridge officers.

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Engineering Officer Kits

Kit Effects
Engineering Kit - Shield Recharge Standard Issue Shield Recharge I
Engineering Kit - Phaser Turret Fabrication Mk I Phaser Turret Fabrication I
Engineering Kit - Shield Generator Fabrication Mk I Shield Generator Fabrication I
Engineering Kit - Weapons Malfunction Mk I Weapons Malfunction II
Engineering Kit - Basic Explosives Mk II Transmorphic Bomb I
Chonite Mine Barrier I
Engineering Kit - Basic Fabrication Mk II Phaser Turret Fabrication I
Shield Generator Fabrication I
Engineering Kit - Firearms Engineering Mk II Quick Fix I
Weapons Malfunction I

Science Officer Kits

Kit Effects
Science Kit - Medic Mk II Vascular Regenerator I
Medical Tricorder I
Science Kit - Researcher Mk II Stasis Field I
Tachyon Harmonic I
Science Kit - Scientist Mk II Sonic Pulse I
Gravimetric Shift I

Tactical Officer Kits

Kit Effects
Tactical Kit - Basic Grenades Mk II Smoke Grenade I
Photon Grenade I
Tactical Kit - Firearms Technique Mk II Suppressing Fire I
Focus Fire I
Tactical Kit - Martial Arts Maneuvers Mk II Lunge I
Leg Sweep I

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