King of the Water's Blessing (RoM Quest)  

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RoM Quest
[+] Weeping Coast
 [+] Throne of the Water
  [52] King of the Water's Blessing

Expansion: Rise of the Demon Lord
Start: Polython
Related POIs: Related Items: Related Objects: End: Polython

Quest Reward:
 XP: 91,399
 TP: 9,139
 Gold: 4,531Gold 
Your choice of one of the following

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Runes of Magic
Take the Water Energy (Ggl) to the Waterstone and release it there. Then tell Yilian Zashu (Ggl) what you have done.

The Waterstone ( 59.2, 28.7 ) is in the water to the left of the path a short distance into the Muttering Forest.

When this is done a villager, Mokamu (Ggl), approaches you and tells you to give him the Water Energy so he can take it back to Boulderwind Village and release it there to help the Water Bone Leaves. Just then Yilian Zashu (Ggl) comes up and tells you that the villager is a fraud and is not even human! Mokamu (Ggl) is then revealed as a Naga and he leaves.

Protection of the King of the Water Weeping Coast
Quest Series
Boulderwind Village
Hidden in the Forest
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