Jealous Atrium (DN Place)  

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Rozin Sanctuary (Jealous Atrium Entrance)
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Path: Rozin Sanctuary (Jealous Atrium Entrance) —> Jealous Atrium

The lowest level you can adventure here is 15.

  • Players must be level 15 and have an Abyssal Veil to enter the Jealous Atrium. Get Veils by speaking to Shea each day. This triggers an achievement which sends you 2 Abyssal Veils in the mail.
  • Up to four players at a time may enter the Jealous Atrium. Levels are balanced so it does not matter if you are all 24 or if some are lower.
  • The dungeon is played in a series of 24 rounds.
  • The goal of the dungeon is to:
    1. Protect the Goddess' statue from waves of enemies.
    2. Destroy all of the monsters that appear in each round.
  • After each round a Crazy Duck round may start. Killing Crazy Ducks will heal some of the damage taken by the Goddess statue.
  • A Crazy Duck round is most likely to appear after completing a boss round.
  • Players only get one life in the Jealous Atrium. A player who dies during the battle will not be able to resurrect.
  • The battle ends when all party members have died.
  • Rewards are given based on the number of rounds cleared.[1]


There are six different types of rounds that players can face. As soon as one round ends, the next round will automatically begin.

Round types:

  • Wave: Players will face a large number of enemies, all of the same type. They may vary in size and power. The round ends when all enemies are killed.
  • Mix: A large Boss with a few minions appears. The round ends when all enemies are killed. The tip is to have an allotted member fight off the boss.
  • Boss: A large boss enemy approaches the statue to break it. The round ends when the boss is killed.
  • Crazy Duck: These usually happen after Boss rounds, although they may happen randomly at other points during the challenge. Crazy Ducks will appear and may be killed to recover the Goddess Statue’s HP. This is the only way to recover HP during the challenge.

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