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City of Steam
A dabbler in soul magics, the Gunner is also an exacting marksman empowered with abilities that can turn normal firearms into siege engines.

It’s sometimes said that the most dedicated warriors pour their heart and soul into their weapons. Gunners that practice the art of Trigger Magic do just that, using their own blood in special rounds and powder blends to transform their sidearms into occult implements.

The Gunner is capable of runs of intense damage output followed by very little while his weapons cooldown. For this reason, the Gunner's greatest needs are Steam, Cooldown and Attack Speed. Steam Leech is also important to keep his tanks filled. Critical and Impact are useful to increase the peak of his output.

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The Gunner has a choice of any of three different armor types: Chem, Leather, or Meshed,


  1. Standard Attack: Ranged auto-attack
  2. Airburst Round: Ranged AOE
  3. Suppression Fire: Ranged burst of fire with short Stun (Combo: 4)
  4. Unlocked at level 5:
    • Caustic Splash: Acid AE DOT
    • Heavy Slug: Single-target dng with knockback
    • Incendiary Round: Ranged flame AOE with flame DOT
  5. Unlocked at level 8:
    • Chem Boost: 10 second boost to Damage
    • Concentration: 10 second boost to Critical
    • Proximity Mines: Drops a cluster of mines.
  6. Unlocked at level 12:
    • Corrosive Chain: Acid AE, damage plus 5 second Resist debuff
    • Debilitating Round: Damage plus 5 second Armor debuff
    • Flare Shot: Ranged AOE with large radius and flame DOT. A blinding round that burns several enemies over time.
  7. Unlocked at level 17:
    • Acid Rain: GTAoE, Acid reduces Armor for 5 seconds
    • Triple Tap: Three shots
    • Sentry Cannon: Drops an automated turret that targets nearby enemies
  8. Unlocked at level 23:
    • Tranquilizer Blast: AE damage plus 1 second Root
    • Lockdown: Damage plus 10 second Snare
    • Pyrotechnics: High Intensity Ground-Based Stroke
  9. Unlocked at level 30:
    • Swarm Shell: Fires a swarm of stinging insects that damages and confuses the target for 3 seconds
    • Concussion Round: High damage and a 1.5 second stun
    • Heat Seeker: A projectile that hunts its target
  10. Unlocked at level 38:
    • Plague Shot: GTAoE Contagion
    • Bullet of Slaying: Devastating damage against a single-target
    • Rocket Barrage: Arc AE Stun


At some point it occurred to me to wonder what kind of return on investment I was getting on my Steam. Just how much damage was each point of steam generating. So I started building this table to answer that question. I am using the median damage of the damage range given. So if the damage was 50-100 the value I use here would be 75.

The formula used here is: ((min_damage + max-damage) / 2) / steam

Steam to Damage Efficiency (1.3.16)
AbilityDamage per Steam
Rank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4Rank 5Rank 6Rank 7Rank 8
1Standard Attack1614.5n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
2Mortar Shot48.41
3Suppression Fire13.37n/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
4Caustic Splash
Heavy Slug
Incendiary Round 1.884
6Flare Shot 1.151
8Pyrotechnics 2.111
9Swarm Shell2.2261.852

† These abilities are AE attacks and would need to multiply the average damage by the number of targets affected before dividing by Steam to arrive at a true Damage/Steam value. For many of these, the number in (parentheses) assumes that you hit at least three targets. Actual use may be lower or much higher. For the rest, just multiply the Damage/Steam by the number of targets and that will be very close to the true value.

Standard Attack is the only ability that does not consume Steam, so it's efficiency is 100%. The value, above, is the average damage.

Proximity Mines and Sentry Cannon cannot be evaluated because we do not have damage numbers for them.

If we could know the exact casting time (which we can't because it is effected by Attack Speed) we could add the cooldown (Which is affected by Cooldown) and work that into the above number to derive a true DPS, but we really can't.

Conclusions: As you can see, Damage/Steam goes down as Rank goes up. Cooldown (not shown) does go down slightly as Rank rises, but not enough to offset the loss of Damage/Steam. At rank 1 you get better Damage/Steam but DPS will suffer slightly. There is probably a sweet spot for each skill where the two balance out but without the ability to analyze true DPS we will probably never find it.

One conclusion is easy to reach... Mortar Shot should be your go-to ability, fired the moment it re-loads.

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