Gunner (CoS Class)  

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City of Steam
A dabbler in soul magics, the Gunner is also an exacting marksman empowered with abilities that can turn normal firearms into siege engines.

It’s sometimes said that the most dedicated warriors pour their heart and soul into their weapons. Gunners that practice the art of Trigger Magic do just that, using their own blood in special rounds and powder blends to transform their sidearms into occult implements.

The Gunner is capable of runs of intense damage output followed by very little while his weapons cooldown. For this reason, the Gunner's greatest needs are Critical, Precision and Impact.

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The Gunner's armor is Leather.


  1. Standard Attack: Ranged auto-attack
  2. Mortar Shot: Ranged with small AoE
  3. Suppression Fire: Ranged burst of fire with short Stun (Combo: 3)
  4. Unlocked at level 5:
    • Caustic Splash: Acid AE Chain (6 targets)
    • Triple Tap: Single-target dng with knockback
    • Incendiary Round: Ranged flame AE with flame DOT
  5. Unlocked at level 8:
    • Chem Boost: 10 second boost to Damage
    • Concentration: 10 second boost to Critical
    • Sundering: 10 second boost to Impact
  6. Unlocked at level 12:
    • Corrosive Chain: Acid AE Chain (6 targets), damage plus Armor debuff
    • Heavy Slug: High Damage plus Knockback
    • Pyrotechnics: High-damage GTAoE
  7. Unlocked at level 17:
    • Tranquilizer Blast: AE, reduces Movement Speed
    • Concussion Round: High-damage with Stun
    • Heat Seeker: Medium-high damage plus Knockback/Stun
  8. Unlocked at level 23:
    • Plague Shot: Low-damage GTAoE DoT
    • Bullet of Slaying: Very high damage with long cast-time
    • Rocket Barrage: Low-damage GTAoE plus brief Stun
  9. Unlocked at level 30:
    • Swarm Shell: Fires a swarm of stinging insects that damages and confuses the target for 3 seconds
    • Concussion Round: High damage and a 1.5 second stun
    • Heat Seeker: A projectile that hunts its target
  10. Unlocked at level 38:
    • Plague Shot: GTAoE Contagion
    • Bullet of Slaying: Devastating damage against a single-target
    • Rocket Barrage: Arc AE Stun

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