Freighter Captain (STO Mob)  

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Star Trek Online
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This is a vender that flies around in a Cargo Ship in the Sirius Sector Block.

Item Cost
Antigens 400 Energy Credits
Antigens 4 Medical Supplies
Astrometric Probes 400 Energy Credits
Communication Arrays 200 Energy Credits
Entertainment Provisions 16 Provisions
Industrial Energy Cells 400 Energy Credits
Industrial Replicators 4 Industrial Energy Cells
Medical Supplies 100 Energy Credits
Provisions 100 Energy Credits
Seismic Stabilizers 4 Astrometric Probes
2 Weather Control Systems
Self Sealing Stem Bolts 4 Industrial Energy Cells
Shield Generators 100 Energy Credits
Terraforming Systems 8 Water Purication Systems
4 Weather Control Systems
Warp Coils 4 Astrometric Probes
Water Purication Systems 400 Energy Credits
Weather Control Systems 600 Energy Credits

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