FFXIV Quest:Into the Dark (Ul'dah)  

Immortal Flames

Grand Company Quest

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Disciples of War and Magic, Level 45


~6,231 Experience Points

4000 Flame Seal.


Hall of Flames

Speak with Aubrey.


Hall of Flames



Spoiler Alert: The exact transcript follows below.

I only started copying the text at the end much of the dialogue is missing.

Hall of Flames


Hall of Flames

Aubrey: I take it the deed is done? You see, we received a parcel not long ago, addressed to you care of the Flames. It contained a gold nugget and a note complimenting your incomparable valor and distinguished service...marked with no less than the seal of House Fortemps.

Aubrey: Traveling from one end of Eorzea to the other and speaking with the same accent... You must have taken leave of your bloody senses! Did you honestly think you wouldn't be discovered!? Lucky for you, your deeds spoke louder than your distinctly unconvincing words. Ser Artoirel has ordered that your crime of impersonating a knight of Ishgard be pardoned.

Aubrey: And lucky for us, as well. This could easily have ignited tensions between our nations. A narrow escape, indeed. Oh, I should probably mention that we've taken the liberty of exchanging your nugget for Flame Seals. Now, tell me all that you have learned.

Aubrey: Then it is just as we thought. The Garleans have deployed a magitek device within the Darkhold, yes, but what we must ask is why there? Of all the places in all the realm, why did they choose that precise location?

Aubrey: It seems to me now that the answer lies with the crystals. Dzemael Darkhold lies atop lands once prized by all the nations for their high crystal content and mining potential. The Empire must covet them for the same reasons.

Aubrey: Yet I cannot fathom why they should... Ceruleum is the fuel need to drive their magitek. To what end would they crave crystals?

Aubrey: And if our reports are to be believed, the Legatus of the XIVth Legion has now been sent at the Darkhold as well. It appears the Empire has no intentions of losing control of it.

Aubrey: We will have to continue our investigations at the Darkhold to determine precisely what it is the Garleans are after. No doubt we will call on you again, . For now, though, your duty is fulfilled. Well done.

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