Engineering Officer (STO)  

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Star Trek Online
Federation Version:

Survivability, support generators, and controlling the paths of the enemy advance with fieldworks. The Engineering Officer can withstand the most damage by improving the performance of their own personal shields, while supporting his away team with power generators or by bottlenecking the enemy's advance with defenive minefields. The Engineer's own combat effectiveness is improved by modifications to their firearms or support from fabricated turrets and drones.

Klingon Version:

You are an Engineering officer. You support your ship and crew by increasing their survivability and controlling the paths of the enemy with field works and force fields. You use technology to withstand damage, improving the performance of your personal shield and helping the warriors at your side with the power generators and minefields. In battle you use modified weapons and support fire from turrets and drones to crush your enemies and gain honor for the Empire!

  • Combat Engineers focus on Explosives Training, Force Fields and Starship Support.
  • Technicians work to improve their teams gear, and sabotage the enemy's equipment.
  • Fabrication Engineers support their teams with deployable objects, such as turrets and shield generators.

Engineering Officer Kits

Level Where the Ability is used Ability
3 Space Evasive Maneuvers
5 Ground Reroute Power to Shields
8 Space
13 Space
15 Ground
18 Space
23 Space
25 Ground
28 Space
33 Space
35 Ground
38 Space
43 Space
45 Ground

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