Death (RoM)  

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Runes of Magic
You did your best, but the darned beastie got the better of you, and that is that. You have died. The end.

Ressurection Stones
But wait! Is it the end? No! You can be resurrected by a Priest or you can revive at the nearest Resurrection Stones. These mysterious stone rings are found near almost every inhabited center, and you will revive in the world at the Stones that are closest to the location of your demise.

You will have a temporary immunity from attack when you revive (until you move away from the stones), and some of your stats will be reduced for a short duration while you recover from your traumatic experience.

Once you attain level 10 you will leave a tombstone behind if you revive, but returning to the site of your demise and examining the tombstone will return a portion of the XP and TP you lost from dying, reducing your debt. If you accept resurrection from a Priest or Druid you do not leave a tombstone behind, and incur less debt as well. The healer also may have items he can use in conjunction with the resurrection that will reduce the debt penalty even farther, but he cannot totally prevent it. If you die again before reaching your tombstone the first one will vanish along with the chance to regain that potion of your debt. You can only have one tombstone in the world at a time!

Each death will increase your XP debt by 1/20 of your current level's XP, and 1/200th of your TP. While in debt, 70% of the XP and TP you gain will go toward paying off the debt. There is a modifier to this if you are killed by an Elite or a Crown Elite.

There are several different ways to deal with debt. Of course the most straight-forward is to just keep killing and questing, hope it does not happen again, and work it of. This is definitely the preferred method at the lower levels but the amount of debt becomes so large at the higher levels that this method quickly loses its appeal.

If you are in a guild and have a Guild Castle with a Library, you can park your character at the Library overnight and it will shed your debt at a greatly accelerated rate. The higher the rank of the Library the faster it works.

Or, you can buy a God's Redemption Ticket (Ggl) in the Item Shop for 23Diamonds ($0.97) . When used, this will instantly remove all XP and TP debt from your primary class.

Perhaps the best way, especially if you know you are adventuring in an area that gives a better than even chance that you will, at some point, die is to buy a Big Angel's Sigh from the Item Shop for 15Diamonds ($0.63) . This will prevent any debt from death for 24 hours from the time you take the potion.

Of course, the prices mentioned above are the regular prices. These items are often on sale and can be had for less. Always check Daily and Weekend Offers before you buy.

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