Danger Dash (DN Place)  

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Carderock Pass (Daredevil Faire)
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Dragon Nest

Path: Carderock Pass (Daredevil Faire) —> Danger Dash

The lowest level you can adventure here is 20, and the highest available Dungeon here is 40.

  • Level Range: 20-40
  • Single-player dungeon
  • Challenge: Outsmart the traps within the time limit to clear the dungeon.
  • Danger Dash will not consume Empowerment points.
  • Danger Dash may be up to cleared up to seven times per week.[1]

  1. Spikes - Break the 3 large crystals. Move to the right and up the side to the first crystal, wait for the spikes, then break the crystals as fast as possible in the direction of spike movement. Spikes do NOT stop when 3rd crystal breaks but it does open the door.
  2. Bombs - Zig-zag across the fields (imagine you are actually dodging grenades) and click the switches as you go by.
  3. Red Circle - A minotaur runs a pattern here while displaying a huge red circle around him. Click the switches before he locks on. if he catches you in the circle he sounds the alarm and orcs flood out of the right-hand door. Exit to the left.
  4. Mario Skillz - As you approach you will be told which color is safe and which color has spikes!
  5. Whirlwinds - There is a gap in the middle of one row of tornados but it switches back and forth. Click all 4 Protection Stones.

Clear the traps within 4 minutes to win!

Prize: 4 tickets

  1. ^ from 9-1-2011 patch notes

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