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The crafting of Rare and Epic items requires the use of certain Powders (and other materials). These powders are uncommon drops in all the 16+ dungeons. Which powders you need depends on the stats being added to the item. The rarity of the powders depends on the rarity of the finished product.

The tooltip of the rarer materials will tell you at least one Boss that commonly drops it on Abyss difficulty. The item will also be an uncommon drop from the boss on Hard and Master difficulties of the same dungeon. It may also appear as a rare drop practically anywhere. If the dungeon name says (Abyss) after it, that item only drops for sure on Abyss difficulty.

Crafting Material Uses
Material Level Class Rarity Product Type Adds Sources
A C S W Rare Epic Body Leg Head Hands Feet Wpn Off
Acc. Gen'l
Small Octagonal Water 24
Rewarded from quest, gifted by NPC friends, rare drop in all 16+ dungeons
Anima's Powder 24
Element Prayer's Retreat
Beloom's Powder 24
Bravery Trade 45 Goddess's Medals in the Arena
Boro's Powder 24
Spirit Trade 45 Goddess's Medals in the Arena
Herba's Powder 24
Vitality Silent Cloister Main Hall
Invictus's Powder 24
Disobey Trade 45 Goddess's Medals in the Arena
Pasu's Powder 24
Agility Inner Catacombs and Dead Man's Road
Potencia's Powder 24
Strength Temple Chapel and Sanctuary Nexus
Sophia's Powder 24
Intellect Astral Coven Laboratory and Basin of the Fallen
Anima's Powder 24
Element Minotaur's Nest
Beloom's Powder 24
Bravery Minotaur's Nest
Boro's Powder 24
Spirit Minotaur's Nest
Herba's Powder 24
Vitality Minotaur's Nest
Invictus's Powder 24
Disobey Minotaur's Nest
Pasu's Powder 24
Agility Minotaur's Nest
Potencia's Powder 24
Strength Minotaur's Nest
Sophia's Powder 24
Intellect Minotaur's Nest
Rusted Music Box 24
Zxyzzrx at Astral Coven Laboratory
Memorable Photo (Right) 24
Vuruha at Inner Catacombs
Reaper Chain Stub 24
Scarlet Scythe at Basin of the Fallen
Stretched Belt 24
Stompy at Dead Man's Road
Ice Ring 24
Trevorius at Silent Cloister Main Hall
Poison Essence 24
Saslavan at Prayer's Retreat
Cheap Cubic 24
James the Fallen at the Silent Cloister main Hall (Abyss), Crazy Jusepe at the Basin of the Fallen (Abyss)
Iron Ball 24
Warren the Deserter at the Silent Cloister Main Hall (Abyss), Lost John at the Temple Chapel (Abyss)
Germy Mud 24
Foulstench in Inner Catacombs (Abyss)
Common Carapace 24
Ieiye at the Astral Coven Laboratory (Abyss)
Willpower Token 24
Pyromaniac Jashu at Prayer's Retreat (Abyss)

Because of the wide range of combinations we do not think it is worthwhile to build a table of what is used for what.

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