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If you are looking here to learn how to make potions and furniture and armor and weapons via crafting professions the way you do in practically every other MMO, you are going to be disappointed. CoS does not do any of that. Instead, every piece of equipment (armor, weapons and accessories) you find in the game can be improved by crafting. Basically, there are three ways to improve an item: Mods, Upgrading and Smelting.

Crafting in CoS does not require recipes or the use of a crafting station. You can do it anywhere, even in the middle of a dungeon.


Press O, or click the Hammer-n-Anvil icon, to open the Crafting Interface, which has the following options (unlocked at progressive levels):

  • Upgrade: (8) Use Materials to improve the Rank of an item.
  • Transfer: (8) Transfers the Upgrade level and Smelt level from one item to another of the same type (with some loss).
  • Add/Remove Mods: (15) Add mods to an item, or remove one or more mods.
  • Merge Mods: (15) Merge 2 or more lower-grade mods to create a better mod.
  • Smelt: (25) Reforge your weapon with an Alloy to add an amount of additional Elemental Damage.
  • Revamp: (30) Re-roll (re-forge) the Rare Properties on an item.


Crafting Materials are Metal (for Upgrading), Alloy (for Smelting), Shillings and Revamp Gems.

On several Crafting operations, you can reduce your chance of failure (to 0) by using Catalysts (they are expensive and are not required but failure consumes materials).


Weapons, Armor and Accessories may be Upgraded. Upgrading an item will add a bonus to the Primary Stat.

To do this, you need Shillings and an amount of Metal. Optionally, you can add Catalyst to ensure success. As failure will destroy the materials, this expense may be worth it. if you want to apply Catalyst to this craft attempt, click the Catalyst icon. You will see the border of the icon light up to show it is active and the Chance of Success will change to 100%.

Max Upgrade (and Max Smelt) is equal to the minimum level to equip the item.

Upgrading does not change the Quality of the item. If you upgrade a Repeater you do not get a Repeater, you get a Repeater (+1). Do it again and the result is a Repeater (+2). What you do get is improvement to the item's Primary Stat. You will also gain 150 EXP with each upgrade.

Metal comes from quests and loot drops, or you can buy some in the Electrum Shop. Metal cost is equal to the Upgrade Level you are attempting. The expense in shillings is too minor to bother documenting.

Chance of Success - From Upgrade Level 0 to 20 there is no chance to fail, but after 20 there is. This chance starts at 80% Success at 21 and gets worse with each level thereafter but bottoms out at 40%. If you fail you lose the Metal but not your existing Upgrade level.

Q: Should I save all my Metal until I reach the end of a tier and then Upgrade everything to max, or Upgrade everything along the way?
A: Transfer will move 100% of the Upgrade and Smelt levels from your old item to the new so there is no need to wait.

Next LevelCatalystsChance of Success

Add or Remove Mods

Add or Remove Mods
Add or Remove Mods
Modding allows you to add extra stats to an item. Each Armor, Weapon, or Accessory item has 3 mod sockets where a mod can be socketed and a list of the three stats that can be enabled.

To start modding, open your Crafting UI (press O). The third tab is for Mods. Drag an item from either Backpack or Equipment to the square with the gear at the top. This will now display three locked slots that match, left to right, the three mods that are available to be enabled on this item. You will need to use a Key to unlock the slot or slots you want to use. Each item's mod slots start out locked. Once unlocked they stay unlocked.

Revolver with Attack Speed
Revolver with Attack Speed
Each mod has a Grade (1 to 10) and a Shape (Diamond, Square, Triangle, Pentagon or Hexagon), so an example of a Mod in your material inventory might be Grade 2 Square Mod or a Grade 7 Hexagon Mod.

Now to actually enable a new stat you must match the shape displayed in the UI with a mod of the same shape as the slot. When you place a mod in the slot the box at the bottom will tell you just how much of a bonus you will get if you click the checkmark and attach that mod. The higher the Grade the bigger the bonus.

Here's an example. I have a Revolver which has 2 Critical slots and an Attack Speed slot, and a Max Mods of 1. I unlock the first slot and find it is Square so I can add a Grade 1 Square Mod for Critical +15, a Grade 2 Square Mod for Critical +30, or a Grade 3 Square Mod for Critical +53.

In the picture above-left, we see a newly modded Repeater (+3) with an enabled Attack Speed mod.

To remove a Mod, just place the item in the box as before, then click on the mod you want to remove. When you click the checkmark the mod is placed back in your inventory and the unlocked mod slot can be re-used.

The same Mod Stat Bonus on the same type of equipment will always use the same shaped mod.

See Mods for more information

Merging Mods

Merge Mods
Merge Mods
You can merge three mods (of Grade 1 to 9) into a single mod of the next higher Grade, but all must be the same Grade and Shape.

For example, 3 Grade 2 Square Mods (or 2 Grade 2 Square Mods and a Grade 2 Blank Mod) plus 4000Shilling  can make a Grade 3 Square Mod.

You can use Catalyst to improve Chance of Success if less than 100%. The Merge will also consume a sliding-scale amount of Shillings. If a merge fails, one of the mods is consumed (lost).

You can use a Blank Mod (from the Electrum Shop) but you can only use one and it must be of the same Grade. If the merge fails it will always consume the blank.

Note: Each increase in grade is double or less the value of the previous grade. Since it takes three mods to merge each merge is actually losing value. For this reason, it is very important to keep every mod socket filled before you start merging mods if you want to maximize Power.

CostTotal Grade 1
to Make
Chance of
11000Shilling  100%
24000Shilling 3100%
39000Shilling 980%1
416000Shilling 2780%2
10 17253
The third column reflects how many Grade 1 mods it would take to make that Grade from scratch without using any Blank Mods.


Smelting allows you to reforge your accessories, armor and weapons with Alloy to add additional stats or damage. Each smelt also rewards +100 EXP.

Item TypeBonus per Smelt
1h Weapon0.15%
2h Weapon0.20%
Arms, Legs, Shoulders0.20%
Body, Helm, Boots0.50%
The cost of the Smelt, in Alloy, is the level of the smelt operation divided by two and rounded down to a whole number. Max Smelt is equal to Max Upgrade (the level of the weapon).

Smelting has no chance of failure and no use for Catalyst.


This craft allows you to move the Upgrade levels, Smelt levels and Soul Gems (random Properties) that you have invested in an old item onto a new item of the same slot. There is no loss in the transfer. The new, target item must be unmodified (It cannot have any Upgrades, Smeltings or Soul Gems) and of a higher or equal level and quality to the source item. The source item is not destroyed in this process.

Mods are not transferred, they must be removed from the old item and then added to the new one.


Revamp allows you to use Revamp Gems to attach a Soul Gem to your level-30+ blue, purple or orange equipment. After each Revamp you can lock the properties you like and re-roll again on the ones you do not, but each locked property increases the Shilling and Revamp Gem cost.

The first 3 revamps each day are completely free, no shillings or Revamp Gems required.

Soul Gem Unlocks
Soul GemUnlocks at
Soul of Spirit30
Soul of Summer40
Soul of Autumn50
Soul of Winter60

Locked Property Revamp Costs
LocksShillingsRevamp Gems

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