Boulder Lode Mine (WoW)  

The Boulder Lode Mine is one of the many bases of operations run by the Venture Trading Company in Kalimdor. Overseen by both Enforcers and Overseers, the mine, cave, fort and tower and watched ceaselessly for intruders, who routinely assault the cave for the rare gem deposits found there.

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Subzones of the Barrens

Agama'gor Bael'dun Keep Bael Modan Blackthorn Ridge
Boulder Lode Mine Bramblescar Camp Taurajo The Crossroads
Dreadmist Den Dreadmist Peak The Dry Hills Far Watch Post
Field of Giants The Forgotten Pools Fray Island Gold Road
The Great Sea Grol'dom Farm Honor's Stand Lushwater Oasis
The Merchant Coast Mor'shan Base Camp The Mor'shan Rampart Northwatch Hold
Raptor Grounds Ratchet Razorfen Downs Razorfen Kraul
Shrine of the Fallen Warrior The Sludge Fen Southern Barrens Southern Gold Road
Southfury River The Stagnant Oasis Thorn Hill The Tidus Stair


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