Black Mines (DN Place)  

Quick Facts
Port Hermalte (Black Mines Access)
Easy Level: 28
Abyss Level: 30
Sulfur Hurrgak
Abandoned Orc Commander
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Dragon Nest

Path: Port Hermalte (Black Mines Access) —> Black Mines

You will get Ominous Black Ore from monsters throughout this dungeon (for Ominous Black Ore).

For Fairest Poison of Them All, it seems you need to use melee damage, not ranged, to break the eggs if you want the update!

BTW, if you cannot find a detonator, almost any ranged attack will blow the explosives.

Stage 1

You will see Sulfur Hurrgak here, and fight him briefly, but before long he flees deeper into the mines and collapses the tunnel behind him to cover his escape. This will be the pattern throughout this dungeon, always seeing him ahead, fleeing deeper.

You must find the detonator (in a side "room") to blow the explosives and open the tunnel to the mines (portal to Stage 2).

Stage 2

General Duglas (for The General Returns) is in the tunnel where you enter this stage.

At the first junction, go left. When you clear the room a door will collapse to the southeast. Enter and a rockfall seals the passage. Go forward and kill the ninjas, then enter another collapsed door and get the Detonator. Continue around through the tunnel of spiders back to the room you came from. Now you can blow the rockfall blocking the south tunnel.

Defeat the Abandoned Orc Commander, find the detonator, then blow the southeast tunnel to find a wooden Treasure Chest.

Stage 3

Past the web-closed door, destroy the webs and face the Abandoned Giant Spider to open the door.

Hurgakk will release bunnies with bombs tied to their backs to cover his escape.

Face another Abandoned Orc Commander, and ninjas, to follow Hurgakk deeper. But first, check out the closet to the north for a wooden Treasure Chest.

Descend the tunnel to face a final Elite Abandoned Orc Commander, ninjas and exploding goblins. This opens the portal/well to descend to the final encounter.

If you have The Hurrgak Special, the update is here before you descend to the final stage.

Stage 4

Some of the information on this page originally came from the map tool at during Open Beta.

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