Backpack (RoM)  

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Runes of Magic
Your Backpack is opened by pressing the B key (default) and, of you allow it, will open both your Backpack and your Item Shop Backpack. All of the items you have available to you that are not currently equipped on your body stay in your backpack.

There are 6 backpacks available, each of which holds 30 items, but only the first 2 are yours for free. The other 4, labeled III through VI, must be rented with Diamonds.

Backpack Rental Fees
# of DaysPrice (in Diamonds)Diamonds per Day
37Diamonds ($0.29) 2.33
713Diamonds ($0.55) 1.8
1522Diamonds ($0.92) 1.47
3031Diamonds ($1.30) 1.03
9070Diamonds ($2.94) .78
180110Diamonds ($4.62) .61
When the rental period expires that backpack becomes unavailable, again. Anything that was in that backpack when time expired is deleted and is gone. It cannot be recovered and will not be there if you re-rent the backpack. So, it is very important to keep valuable objects in the first 2 backpacks!

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