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The 1.11 patch brought big changes to Augmentation. To view the new guide, please see Augmentation Guide

An augment is an item which is used to enhance the stats on a crafted recipe. Adding an augment adds a prefix to the name of the item augmented depending on the stats affected. For example adding a Vitalium Shard to Titanium Rifle while crafting makes it a Nimble Titanium Rifle. The amount of any particular stat augmented varies based upon the augment used, and the level of the item being augmented.

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Planar Augments can be obtained from:

The exact amount of the bonus depends on the level of the item the Augment is added to.

Primary Stat Augments

Primary Stat Augments are available starting at level 16 and crafting skill of at least 50. An Apothecarist can craft these Augments from Dust and Salvaged gemstones.

Stat Augmented Prefix Lvl:16, Skill:50
+1 to 2
Lvl:26, Skill:150
+2 to 3
Lvl:41, Skill:250
+3 to 4
Lvl:46, Skill:300
+4 to 5
Lvl:50, Skill:300
Dexterity Nimble Thiefstone Shard Rough Thiefstone Thiefstone Pure Thiefstone Flawless Thiefstone
Endurance Rugged Vitalium Shard Rough Vitalium Vitalium Pure Vitalium Flawless Vitalium
Intelligence Clever Etherialite Shard Rough Etherialite Etherialite Pure Etherialite Flawless Etherialite
Strength Mighty Adrenalite Shard Rough Adrenalite Adrenalite Pure Adrenalite Flawless Adrenalite
Wisdom Blessed Saintstone Shard Rough Saintstone Saintstone Pure Saintstone Flawless Saintstone

Secondary Stat Augments

Secondary Stat Augments are available starting at level 26 and crafting skill of at least 150.

Stat Augmented Prefix Lvl:26, Skill:150 Lvl:41, Skill:250 Lvl:46, Skill:300 Lvl:50, Skill:300
Attack Power Accurate Feeble Vespid Stinger Vespid Stinger Deadly Vespid Stinger Virulent Vespid Stinger
Dodge Elusive Disfigured Bogling Eye Bogling Eye Peculiar Bogling Eye Keen Bogling Eye
Melee Critical Hit Ruthless Cracked Dragonian Scale Dragonian Scale Thick Dragonian Scale Lustrous Dragonian Scale
Spell Critical Hit Canny Disfigured Sobek Eye Sobek Eye Desiccated Sobek Eye Peculiar Sobek Eye
Spell Power Unwavering Inert Golem Core Golem Core Pulsing Golem Core Pristine Golem Core
Parry Deft Broken Barghest Fang Barghest Fang Honed Barghest Fang Polished Barghest Fang

Dual Stat Augments

Dual Stat Augments are available starting at level 41 and crafting skill of at least 250.

Caster DPS/Healers

Stats Augmented Prefix Lvl:41, Skill:250 Lvl:46, Skill:300 Lvl:50, Skill:300
Endurance/Intelligence Resilient Dragon Turtle Shell Fortified Dragon Turtle Shell Impenetrable Dragon Turtle Shell
Endurance/Wisdom Resolute Basilisk Tail Hardy Basilisk Tail Pristine Basilisk Tail
Intelligence/Spell Critical Hit Devious Gnar Pincer Honed Gnar Pincer Envenomed Gnar Pincer
Intelligence/Spell Power Cunning Naga Scale Thick Naga Scale Shimmering Naga Scale
Wisdom/Spell Critical Hit Zealous Griffon Hide Pliable Griffon Hide Lustrous Griffon Hide
Wisdom/Spell Power Enlightened Whelp Scale Thick Whelp Scale Lustrous Whelp Scale

Melee/Physical DPS

Stats Augmented Prefix Lvl:41, Skill:250 Lvl:46, Skill:300 Lvl:50, Skill:300
Dexterity/Attack Power Keen Demon Horn Honed Demon Horn Polished Demon Horn
Dexterity/Melee Critical Hit Treacherous Razormaw Spine Flexible Razormaw Spine Barbed Razormaw Spine
Endurance/Dexterity Resolute Werewolf Blood Sanguine Werewolf Blood Pure Werewolf Blood
Endurance/Strength Imposing Treant Bark Knotted Treant Bark Verdant Treant Bark
Strength/Attack Power Brutal Wight Essence Pulsing Wight Essence Malevolent Wight Essence
Strength/Melee Critical Hit Savage Thick Troll Hide Thick Troll Hide Pristine Troll Hide


Stats Augmented Prefix Lvl:41, Skill:250 Lvl:46, Skill:300 Lvl:50, Skill:300
Dexterity/Dodge Shady Harpy Feather Brilliant Harpy Feather Luminous Harpy Feather
Endurance/Block Impenetrable Deep One Tooth Honed Deep One Tooth Serrated Deep One Tooth
Endurance/Dodge Wily Satyr Horn Hardy Satyr Horn Polished Satyr Horn
Endurance/Parry Stalwart Hellhound Heart Quivering Hellhound Heart Throbbing Hellhound Heart
Intellect/Dodge Ethereal Centaur Tail Supple Centaur Tail Luxurious Centaur Tail
Wisdom/Parry Hallowed Gravemaker Hide Pliable Gravemaker Hide Supple Gravemaker Hide

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