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This category is for any topic related to the development or characteristics of a player character.

World of Warcraft

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Character (WoW)
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Grinding (WoW)
Hairstyles Blood Elf (WoW)
Hairstyles Draenei (WoW)
Hairstyles Dwarf (WoW)
Hairstyles Gnome (WoW)
Hairstyles Human (WoW)
Hairstyles Night Elf (WoW)
Hairstyles Orc (WoW)
Hairstyles Tauren (WoW)
Hairstyles Troll (WoW)
Hairstyles Undead (WoW)
health (WoW)
Itemization Formulas (WoW)
Leveling (WoW)
level (WoW)
mana (WoW)
MP5 (WoW)
PC (WoW)
potions (WoW)
Quest Log (WoW)
Rage, Energy, and Mana (WoW)
Reputation (WoW)
Riding (WoW)
Shadowmeld (WoW)
socket (wow)
Spell Book (WoW)
Talent build (WoW)
title (WoW)
Tradeskill Window (WoW)
Utility (WoW)
War Stomp (Wow)