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Original World Map
Chapter II
Chapter II
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Runes of Magic
Taborea (Chapter V)

To compliment the Dual-Class nature of this game, there are 2 natural zone progressions.

1Starting Zone: Howling Mountains (Humans), Elven Island (Elves), Yrvandis Hollows (Dwarves)Sascilia Steppes, Coast of Opportunity
3Aslan ValleyDragonfang Ridge
4Ystra Highlands
5Dust Devil Canyon, Ravenfell, Xaviera
6Weeping Coast, Savage Lands, Aotulia Volcano, Thunderhoof Hills, Northern Janost Forest, Southern Janost Forest, Limo Desert, Redhill Mountains, Tergothen Bay
7Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan, Chrysalia, Aeternal Circle

See also: Quest Series

Category: Runes of Magic
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