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Chapter II
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Taborea (Chapter V)

To compliment the Dual-Class nature of this game, there are 2 natural zone progressions.

1Starting Zone: Howling Mountains (Humans), Elven Island (Elves), Yrvandis Hollows (Dwarves)Sascilia Steppes, Coast of Opportunity
3Aslan ValleyDragonfang Ridge
4Ystra Highlands
5Dust Devil Canyon, Ravenfell, Xaviera
6Weeping Coast, Savage Lands, Aotulia Volcano, Thunderhoof Hills, Northern Janost Forest, Southern Janost Forest, Limo Desert, Redhill Mountains, Tergothen Bay
7Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan, Chrysalia, Aeternal Circle

See also: Quest Series

Category: Runes of Magic
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Aeternal Circle (RoM Zone) Ancient Dreamland (RoM Zone) Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan (RoM Zone)
Aotulia Volcano (RoM Zone) Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (RoM Zone) Arcanium Arena (RoM Zone)
Arena (RoM Zone) Aren (RoM Zone) Aslan Valley (RoM Zone)
Barren Caves (RoM Zone) Bloody Gallery (RoM Zone) Cavern of Trials (RoM Zone)
Cave of the Water Dragon (RoM Zone) Chaos Vortex- Evil (RoM Zone) Chrysalia (RoM Zone)
Coast of Opportunity (RoM Zone) Cyclops Lair (RoM Zone) Cyclops Stronghold (RoM Zone)
Dalanis Sewers (RoM Zone) Demon Stronghold (RoM Zone) Dragonfang Ridge (RoM Zone)
Dungeon of Dalanis (RoM Zone) Dust Devil Canyon (RoM Zone) Elven Island (RoM Zone)
Fireboot Underground Fortress (RoM Zone) Forsaken Abbey (RoM Zone) Fungus Garden (RoM Zone)
Fungus Habitat (RoM Zone) General's Room (RoM Zone) Goblin Mines (RoM Zone)
Grafu Castle (RoM Zone) Guards' Corridor (RoM Zone) Guild Castle (RoM Zone)
Hall of Survivors (RoM Zone) Hall of the Demon Lord (RoM Zone) Heart of the Ocean (RoM Zone)
Howling Mountains (RoM Zone) Ice Dwarf Valley (RoM Zone) Kalin Shrine (RoM Zone)
Karros Canyon (RoM Zone) Kawak's Tomb (RoM Zone) Lair of the Demon Dragon (RoM Zone)
Lair of the Water Dragon (RoM Zone) Land of Malevolence (RoM Zone) Limo Desert (RoM Zone)
Maltina's Dungeon (RoM Zone) Miller's Ranch (RoM Zone) Mystic Altar (RoM Zone)
Necropolis of Mirrors (RoM Zone) Northern Janost Forest (RoM Zone) Pasper's Shrine (RoM Zone)
Pillars of Morfan (RoM Zone) Queen's Chamber (RoM Zone) Raksha Temple (RoM Zone)
Ravenfell (RoM Zone) Redhill Mountains (RoM Zone) Revivers' Corridor (RoM Zone)
Royal's Refuge (RoM Zone) Royals' Refuge (RoM Zone) Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom (RoM Zone)
Ruins of the Magnork Kingdom (RoM Zone) Salioca Basin (RoM Zone) Sand Vortex (RoM Zone)
Sardo Castle (RoM Zone) Sarlo (RoM Zone) Sascilia Steppes (RoM Zone)
Savage Lands (RoM Zone) Seige War (RoM Zone) Silverspring (RoM Zone)
Southern Janost Forest (RoM Zone) Spirit of Tempest Height (RoM Zone) Taffrock - Southern District (RoM Zone)
Tergothen Bay (RoM Zone) The Origin (RoM Zone) The Warnorken Arena (RoM Zone)
Thunderhoof Hills (RoM Zone) Tomb of the Seven Heroes (RoM Zone) Treasure Trove (RoM Zone)
Tutorial (RoM Zone) Tyrefen Mountain Range (RoM Zone) Varanas City (RoM Zone)
Varanas Nightmare (RoM Zone) Visdun Fortress (RoM Zone) Weeping Coast (RoM Zone)
Windmill Basement (RoM Zone) Windrunner Race (RoM Zone) Xaviera (RoM Zone)
Yrvandis Hollows (RoM Zone) Ystra Highlands (RoM Zone) Ystra Labyrinth (RoM Zone)
Zurhidon Stronghold (RoM Zone)